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D776464 Cross-shaped display stand  
D776761 Electronic display/screen with suction cups  
D776762 Electronic display/screen with suction cups  
D776200 Label with a touch graphic  
D776202 Electronic display/screen with suction cups  
D776201 Mannequin  
D776199 Label  
D775691 Label  
D775690 Label  
D774806 Cross-shaped display stand  
D775280 Lable clip for dividers  
D774595 Display unit  
D774141 Flathead advertising man  
D772985 Hand sign  
D772984 Wristband with a detachable flag label  
D772340 Key tag  
D772339 Key tag  
D770566 “Three point” foam hand sign  
D769981 Label  
D769980 Label  
D769977 Label  
D769976 Label  
D769978 Label  
D769979 Label  
D769985 LED display drone attachment  
D769975 Label  
D769372 Under shelf sign holder  
D769371 Display apparatus  
D768781 Identification tag  
D768780 Tag holder  
D768414 Cross-shaped display frame for insertion of display material  
D768783 Luminous panel  
D768416 Cross-shaped display stand  
D768779 Shirt-shaped bottle tag  
D768782 Sign for a door  
D768244 Sign conspicuity marking tape  
D768243 Wire handle deli pan tag holder  
D768242 Lighting assembly  
D768241 Label set for an inhalation device  
D767680 Sign display  
D767669 Adjustable display  
D767399 Bottle  
D767036 Support for signs  
D767035 Medication dosing wheel  
D766372 Wall mounted gumball machine  
D766373 Sign holder  
D765786 Label base with indicator tab for industrial bins  
D765659 Digital information display device  
D765660 Digital information display device  
D765785 Electronic luggage tag