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D657423 Advertising card  
D657422 Car top display  
D657424 Backlit graphic display device  
D656993 License plate  
D656994 Low profile backlit graphic display device  
D656431 Strip of snaps  
D656550 Cable label  
D656195 Taxi top advertisement display  
D656198 Hand sign  
D656011 Square tag for a bottle or similar article  
D656196 Bed display  
D656197 Bed display  
D656012 Circle tag for a bottle or similar article  
D655755 Cloud-shaped display placard  
D655347 Identification tag  
8127601 Process for determining tissue product break-through  
A method for testing the break-through strength of a tissue product is disclosed. The method entails the steps of: a) observing a first condition of the tissue product; b) disposing the tissue...
D655348 Placard holder  
D654955 Flexible band for retaining folded bedding articles  
D654956 Door sign  
D654957 Door sign  
D654540 Advertising device  
D654116 Sign post  
D654115 Item of sports paraphernalia  
D654117 Glass shaped stand  
D653709 Pair of advertising panels affixed to the entry portion of a shopping cart corral  
D653708 Eyeglasses tag  
D653707 Modular display board  
D653291 Sign post  
D653286 Laser printable card badge sheet  
D652873 Shelf sign  
D652872 Automatic vending machine  
D652875 Two-hand lifting calibration apparatus  
D652876 Real estate sign  
D652874 Medical awareness sleeve  
D652453 Card holder  
D652083 Wall mounted sign  
D651652 Hand sign  
D651656 Open sign  
D651653 In-store marketing sign  
D651655 Snap in panel assembly for a basket  
D651654 Reinforced sign stake  
D651252 Electronic open light sign housing  
D651256 Tray supported tag holder  
D651249 Display formed of retractable banner stands  
D651250 Bed display  
D651257 Tray supported tag holder  
D651254 Device for displaying footwear  
D651255 Sign post  
D651253 Wine bottle label  
D651251 Electronic open light sign housing