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D665029 Display kiosk with marquee  
D665030 Backlit graphic display device  
D664596 Vehicle-affixable driver level indicator  
D664600 Sign holder  
D664598 Hand sign  
D664597 Hand sign  
D664599 Sign holder  
D664595 Automobile tag  
D664204 Information display  
D664207 Hand sign  
D664209 Hand sign  
D664211 Signage display  
D664208 Hand sign  
D664203 Vending machine  
D664210 Hand sign  
D664205 Label  
D664206 Hand sign  
D664171 Automated pharmacy machine  
D663780 Tag and lanyard assembly  
D663779 Pair of advertising panels affixed to the entry portion of a shopping cart corral  
D663781 Hand sign  
D663783 Street sign  
D663782 Hand sign  
D663237 Banner display holder for a cord  
D663361 Hand sign  
D663359 Automated retail shelf unit  
D663362 Hand sign  
D663363 Tray supported tag holder  
D663360 Hand sign  
D663238 Donkey display holder for a cord  
D662992 Parking space display panel  
D662989 Plant tag  
D662990 Hand sign  
D662954 Automated pharmacy machine  
D662953 Automated pharmacy machine  
D662991 Hand sign  
D662955 Automated pharmacy machine  
D662554 Display sheet with printed surface ornamentation  
D662443 Combined display and vehicle  
D662552 Hand sign  
D662548 Hand sign  
D662550 Hand sign  
D662418 Package card for a personal care product  
D662551 Hand sign  
D662553 Hand covering  
D662549 Hand sign  
D662146 Backlit graphic display device  
D662145 Hand sign  
D662144 Hand sign  
D662143 Hand sign