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D685854 Label  
D685853 Shirt-shaped bottle tag  
D685855 Sign holder  
D685852 Bulk vending apparatus  
D685433 Sign  
D685031 Combined bottle tag and bottle  
D684634 Hand sign  
D684635 Hand sign  
D684632 Hand sign  
D684633 Hand sign  
D684631 Advertisement sticker for a vehicle  
D683795 Vending control unit  
D683794 Vending machine control unit  
D683793 Validating device  
D683797 Beading of a label holder  
D683796 Identification tag  
D683406 Window cling  
D683407 Medication label flag  
D683408 E-book retail card  
D682944 Pair of advertising panels affixed to the entry portion of a shopping cart corral  
D682945 DOT-compliant scrolling advertisement cabinet  
D682357 Surgical safety marker  
D682356 Label  
D682359 Label  
D682358 Surgical safety marker  
8441779 Advertising apparatus with hook  
A hook apparatus includes a front side and a back side. A hook extending from the front side is included for hanging objects. A shelter structure extends from the front side positioned around and...
D681740 Signage display  
D681739 Low profile backlit graphic display device  
D681738 Backlit graphic display device  
D681736 Hand sign  
D681737 Hand sign  
D681735 Beginner driver identifier vehicle decal or magnet  
D681124 Hand sign  
8429842 Labeling device  
A labeling device that can be attached to an article and subsequently modified by separating at least a portion of the device to be located within the article to provide information regarding the...
D681123 Hand sign  
D681121 Label  
D681126 Hand sign  
D681120 Label  
D681125 Hand sign  
D681122 Hand sign  
D680590 Hand sign  
D680591 Bottle shaped display  
D680588 Hand sign  
D680592 Open sign  
D680589 Human model  
D680587 Label  
D680336 Mirror assembly  
D680593 Open sign  
D680173 Helmet insignia display  
D680172 Address display device