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D647977 Electronic open light sign housing  
D647974 Electronic open light sign housing  
D647976 Electronic open light sign housing  
D647970 Taxi top advertisement display  
8046944 Automobile interior exhibit  
An automobile interior exhibit is configured with a relief formed to replicate an automobile interior member and an interior cover covering the surface of the relief. In the automobile interior...
D647572 In-store marketing sign  
D647570 Puff tag  
D647571 Hand sign  
D647141 Electronic open light sign housing  
D647143 Perpendicular wall mounted sign  
D647142 Electronic open light sign housing  
D646509 Transparent plastic music play list holder for a music stand  
D646723 Lottery ticket dispenser  
D646332 Desktop sign  
D646333 Identification plate for network cabinet  
D646331 Lottery ticket dispenser  
D645907 Hood for a surgical instrument  
8028173 Content distribution systems and methods  
An electronic device comprises a first interface operable to receive from a user a selection of a first data set and a processor coupled to the first interface. The processor is operable to access...
D645908 Wall mounted sign  
D645518 Poster support profile bar  
D645517 Electronic sign  
D645519 Name tag holder  
D645095 Tag holder  
D645091 Decal  
D645090 Retractable banner stand  
D645092 Container label  
D645094 Drug administration safety label  
D645093 Reusable label  
D644694 Vertical/horizontal desktop sign holder  
D644693 Swing sign  
D644268 Assessment tag  
D644267 Decal sticker for battery of portable phone  
D643881 Receptacle for a card  
D643467 Desktop nameplate  
D643470 Drug administration safety label  
D643472 Drug administration safety label  
D643469 Drug administration safety label  
D643471 Drug administration safety label  
D643468 Drug administration safety label  
D643071 Packaging label  
D643069 Name tag attachment  
D643072 Combined change form and cover  
D643070 Security sticker for delivered food containers  
7992333 Vehicle identifier  
A vehicle identification device includes one or more clips configured to attach the device to a vehicle door or window. The identification device optionally includes reflective material so that the...
D642623 Mountable card assembly  
D642218 Vending machine  
D642219 Identification tag  
D642220 Sign-holding apparatus  
D641790 Transparent sticker for fresh produce  
D641795 Protective paper holder