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D639340 Taxi-top advertising unit  
D638882 Vending machine product holder  
D638477 Tag  
D638476 Vending machine for liquids  
D638063 Item of sports paraphernalia  
D637651 Digital sign board  
D637234 Blood sample tube label  
D637235 Blood sample tube label  
D636819 Identification tag  
D636442 Garment tag  
D636441 Scooter mounted advertising display  
D636029 Device for boosting fan support at sports events  
D636028 Dangler tag  
D635614 Car top display  
D635194 Merchandise ticket  
D635193 Fold out label  
D635189 Interactive display  
D635195 Signage  
D634788 Sign support  
D634672 Combined display and tanker vehicle  
D634786 Gone smoking indicator  
D634787 Harbor sign for boat berth  
D634369 Drug administration safety label  
D634368 Drug administration safety label  
D634366 Advertising display sign  
D634367 Drug administration safety label  
D633944 Hand waver  
D633945 Hand waver  
D633947 Banner sign  
D633946 Football hand waver  
D633565 Display sign  
D633568 Display sign  
D633567 Display sign  
D633563 Display sign  
D633569 Football fan support boosting device  
D633564 Display sign  
D633566 Display sign  
D633570 In-store display sign  
D633562 Display sign  
D633151 Drug administration safety label  
D633152 Hand waver  
D633150 Wipes tub label  
D632740 Automatic vending machine  
D632741 Product label  
D631917 Shelf sign  
D631918 Closet clothing tracking tag  
D631515 Advertising display  
D631514 Address light  
D631097 Information/advertising panel assembly  
D630256 Mannequin