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D722115 Shirt-shaped bottle tag  
D722113 Vending machine container for mobile phone accessories  
D721764 Label  
D721763 Hang tag  
D721765 Label for a bottle  
D721402 Tag  
D721403 Security label  
D721135 Tag  
D721136 Pray for america awareness magnet  
D720812 Messaging device  
D720813 Event card organizer  
D720402 Hand sign  
D720014 Label  
D720015 Label  
D719612 Frame for replaceable signage boards  
D718816 Swimming pool entry deterrent  
D717872 Sign holder with a multiple use adhesive surface  
D717871 Sign with individualized letters and symbol  
D717573 Splash guard and accessory interface  
D717870 Sign with individualized letters  
D717869 Lighted signage  
D717374 Hand sign  
D717373 Hand sign  
D717375 Sign post and frame  
D717372 Magnetic sign  
D716874 Lighting assembly  
D716873 Hand sign  
D716380 Sign holder  
D716059 Material with printed pattern  
D716379 Advertising label  
D715864 Advertising label  
D715360 Vehicular windshield sleeve  
D714871 Portable digital display  
D714141 Label for a package surface  
D714390 Display for insert  
D714388 Hand sign  
D714389 Signage  
D714387 Hand sign  
D713884 Hand sign  
D713885 Hand sign  
D713886 Three dimensional sign  
D713462 Hand sign  
D713463 Sign support bracket  
D713461 Sign with individualized letters and symbol  
D712969 Hand sign  
D712968 Electronic sign  
D712483 Make-up face chart  
D712482 Hand sign  
D712295 Wristband  
D711968 Hand sign