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D669938 Vehicle mounted display  
D669436 Electronic device battery label  
D669435 Electronic device battery label  
D669135 Sign system adaptor  
D669134 Sign  
D669136 Hinged label holder for wire shelving  
D668720 Crayon-shaped kiosk  
D668719 Label support sheet  
D668718 Label  
D668299 Hand sign  
D667888 Hand sign  
D667887 Hand sign  
D667889 Food identification device  
8266956 Process for demonstrating tissue product break-through  
A method for demonstrating the comparative break-though strengths of at least two tissue products is disclosed. The steps include: a) providing a break-through test apparatus b) providing the...
D667505 Hand sign  
D667504 Shopping cart corral having an entry portion to which advertisements are affixed  
D667061 Type font  
D667059 Hand sign  
D667060 Hand sign  
D666937 Elephant display holder for a cord  
D666938 Ribbon display holder for a cord  
D666678 Hand sign  
D666676 Hand sign  
D666677 Hand sign  
D666675 Hand sign  
D666646 Automated pharmacy machine  
D666245 Label for fabric and air freshener products  
D666244 Arm pennant  
D666246 Silhouette security sign for home and business  
D665850 Hand sign  
D665919 Container with label  
D665849 Hand sign  
D665851 Metal card  
D665455 Advertisement display device  
D665456 Information display  
D665458 Hand sign  
D665457 Hand sign  
D665459 Hand sign  
D665460 Advertising sign  
8240073 Labeling device  
A labeling device that can be attached to an article and subsequently modified by separating at least a portion of the device to be located within the article to provide information regarding the...
D665028 Automobile tag  
D665029 Display kiosk with marquee  
D665030 Backlit graphic display device  
D664596 Vehicle-affixable driver level indicator  
D664600 Sign holder  
D664598 Hand sign  
D664597 Hand sign  
D664599 Sign holder  
D664595 Automobile tag  
D664204 Information display