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D711465 Shape punch  
D711464 Financial transaction card  
D711466 Clipboard  
D711471 Marking pen  
D711467 White board  
D711468 Pen  
D711470 Writing instrument  
D711469 Pen  
D710938 Card  
D710941 Writing instrument  
D710939 Tape dispenser  
D710940 Paper holder  
D710937 Combined gift and credit card  
D710942 Writing instrument grip  
D710440 Card  
D710443 Holder  
D710441 Learning display device  
D710447 Ballpoint pen  
D710439 Financial transaction card  
D710446 Writing instrument  
D710444 Interactive whiteboard  
D710445 Combination ballpoint pen with light and magnifier  
D710448 Refill for a writing instrument  
D710442 Bin  
D709948 Tracing frame  
D709949 Pen and stylus  
D709947 Tape applicator  
D709950 Pen  
D709951 Pen  
D710014 Interactive medical device booklet  
D709289 Organizer  
D709553 Note dispenser  
D709552 File folder assembly and folders for use therein  
D709554 Display board  
D709129 Dispenser  
D709130 Note pad holder  
D709131 Note pad holder  
D709128 Card  
D708669 Coaching board  
D708666 Dispenser  
8770880 Pen or pencil  
A pen or pencil comprising a casing, the outside contour of which forms two or more gripping surfaces (12, 14, 16). There is at least one intermediate region (18, 20, 22) which is between two...
D708670 Pen  
D708667 Tape dispenser  
D708671 Pen  
D708668 Pencil sharpener  
D708062 Palette container holder  
8764331 Marker with reverse clip cap  
A marker has a cap with a reverse clip, which opens toward the closed end of the cap, that is, in the same direction as the force applied to remove the cap, thereby allowing the cap to be removed...
D708260 Highlighter pen  
D708261 Pen  
D708265 Writing instrument grip