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D726824 Colored pencil  
D726819 Storage box  
D726820 Stand  
D726821 Writing instrument and stylus  
D726826 Writing instrument  
D726823 Building block pen  
D726816 Display-coupled financial transaction card  
D726818 Human central venous anatomy demonstration device  
D726817 Jersey album  
D726825 Writing instrument  
D726822 Building block stylus  
D726705 Phone and writing instrument holder  
D726255 Book  
D726257 Multiple capnography display  
D726254 Label sheet  
D726256 Bookend and desktop filing unit  
D725707 Pen cap  
D725700 Bundled greeting card and envelope  
D725701 Card  
D725706 Pen cap  
D725840 Occupational therapy garment  
D725705 Marker  
D725791 Chart for reference standards for cerebral white matter hyperintensities  
D725704 Marker  
D725702 Note paper pad  
D725703 Set of scoring clips  
D725186 Paper product  
D725188 Card  
D725190 Note paper pad  
D725191 Bariatric training suit  
D724958 Clock  
D725189 Card  
D725192 Pen holder  
D725187 Card  
D724661 Card  
D724665 Desk organizer  
D724669 Mechanical pencil  
D724667 File basket  
D724666 Clipboard  
D724664 Staple holder  
D724659 Gumball machine greeting card  
D724670 Mechanical pencil  
D724660 Card  
D724668 Pen  
D724663 Bookmark  
8979412 Tip unit for a cosmetic applicator  
A tip unit of a cosmetic applicator includes a tube portion connected to a hollow body of the cosmetic applicator, and a tip portion tapering away to a point from the tube portion. The tip portion...
D724662 Dual-pocketed sleeve  
D724148 Pen  
D724144 Thyroid surgical trainer  
D724145 Desktop file organizer