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D802662 Square sticker maker  
D802661 Video card  
D802664 Pen  
D802660 Indexing tab  
D802663 Folding chalkboard  
D802053 Handle  
D802051 Guitar Greeting card  
D802052 Sharpener  
D802242 Insertable small item basket for a shopping cart  
D801431 3D printing pen  
D801191 Gift bag with envelope-shaped pocket  
D801428 Vending machine greeting card  
D801429 Financial transaction product  
D801427 Ketchup bottle greeting card  
D801430 Card applique  
D800831 Ruled notebook paper  
D800833 Educational board with slot and removable letters  
D800835 Notebook holder  
D800834 Sharpener  
D800832 Four-sectioned binder for holding cards  
D800836 Notepad holder  
D800220 Human body model device for operative training  
D800218 Card for a bottle  
D800219 Hybrid credit-currency bank note  
D799597 Pen  
D799596 Writing instrument  
D798952 Desk organizer  
D798950 Sheet of wristbands  
D798951 Greeting card and sign  
D798386 Credit card  
D798383 Business stationery with cut-out  
D798385 Credit card  
D798384 Financial transaction card  
D798387 Writing implement  
D797852 Pen  
D797854 Bearing pen  
D797847 Abacus  
D797851 Pen  
D797850 Pen  
D797849 Pen  
D797846 Combination expandable folder with closable cover, and set of dog shaped tab inserts  
D797848 Electronic blackboard  
D797853 Ballpoint pen  
D797191 Pen  
D797187 Display-coupled financial transaction card  
D797189 Holiday calendar  
D797186 Wreath greeting card  
D797190 Holder  
D797192 Writing instrument  
D797185 Hole shape for sheet item