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D807958 Colored metallic credit card  
D807430 Colored metallic credit card  
D807431 Portable welding simulator  
D807432 Book holder  
D807423 Music rest  
D806794 Organizer  
D806795 Business card holder  
D806796 Drawing tool  
D806392 Writing utensil caddy  
D806793 Child worry relief teaching kit  
D806168 Ballpoint pen  
D806169 Writing instrument  
D806166 Multipocket folder  
D806167 Handle  
D805582 Storage container  
D805581 Holder  
D805580 Bookmark  
D805586 Cape clip  
D805585 Carpenter's pencil  
D805583 Storage container  
D805584 Storyboard  
D804574 Color palette booklet  
D804224 Easel  
D804511 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface  
D804576 Drawing instrument holder  
D804573 Easel  
D804570 Desk organizer  
D804571 Desk organizer  
D804569 Transaction card  
D804572 Easel  
D804575 Drawing board  
D803941 Writing instrument  
D803939 Ballpoint pen  
D803938 Educational projector device  
D803940 Writing instrument  
D803936 Guitar greeting card  
D804098 Facial tissue paper box stand plumage control apparatus  
D803937 Binder spine with opening  
D803315 Book page holder  
D803312 Pi├▒ata greeting card  
D803314 Clipboard  
D803313 Payment card  
D802665 Writing instrument  
D802662 Square sticker maker  
D802661 Video card  
D802664 Pen  
D802660 Indexing tab  
D802663 Folding chalkboard  
D802053 Handle  
D802051 Guitar Greeting card