Match Document Document Title
D798386 Credit card  
D798383 Business stationery with cut-out  
D798385 Credit card  
D798384 Financial transaction card  
D798387 Writing implement  
D797852 Pen  
D797854 Bearing pen  
D797847 Abacus  
D797851 Pen  
D797850 Pen  
D797849 Pen  
D797846 Combination expandable folder with closable cover, and set of dog shaped tab inserts  
D797848 Electronic blackboard  
D797853 Ballpoint pen  
D797191 Pen  
D797187 Display-coupled financial transaction card  
D797189 Holiday calendar  
D797186 Wreath greeting card  
D797190 Holder  
D797192 Writing instrument  
D797185 Hole shape for sheet item  
D797188 Smart card with a chip and finger-print sensor  
D796580 Masonry color wheel  
D796577 Electronic bookmark  
D795955 Financial transaction card  
D795345 Writing and drawing instrument  
D795344 Booklet binding member  
D795348 Programming tile  
D795349 Programming tile  
D794470 Notebook with sheets for packaged products  
D794710 Dispenser  
D794709 Portable medical training device  
D794119 Desk organizer  
D794123 Note holder  
D794125 Note holder  
D794118 Binder spine hinge  
D794124 Note holder  
D794122 Note holder  
D794120 Writing instrument case  
D794121 Note holder  
D793476 Page holder  
D793475 Memories booklet  
D793474 Letter resealer  
D793477 Clipboard  
D792926 Cap for a writing utensil  
D792518 Board  
D792515 Ring binder  
D792512 Display with font  
D792403 Electronic device  
D792404 Electronic device