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D847900 Pencil sharpener  
D847269 Collapsible and portable shape-sorting learning and development toy  
D847262 Pen  
D847257 Terrestrial globe  
D847259 Therapeutic pen support  
D847260 Craftwork tool  
D847258 Adhesive tape  
D847261 Pen  
D847256 Payment card  
D847263 Writing instrument  
D846375 Gripping assist device  
D846635 Visual teaching aid  
D846636 Exploded ammunition component model  
D846638 Combined pen and knife tool  
D846639 Pen  
D846637 Dry erase board with note holder  
D846640 Mechanical pencil  
D846025 Writing instrument cap with ear pick  
D846023 Marker holder  
D846024 Pen  
D845387 Payment card  
D845388 Folder with hinges  
D845389 Binder with hinges  
D845393 Drawing tool  
D845390 Notebook cover  
D845392 Board clip for box  
D845386 Sheet of paper  
D845391 Three ring card stock holder  
D844704 Writing instrument  
D844703 Electronic medical coronary card  
D844706 Customizable marketing apparatus  
D844705 Pen  
D844056 Writing instrument  
D843723 Solar charging organizer  
D844054 Writing instrument  
D844053 Writing instrument  
D844055 Writing instrument  
D843450 Calendar device  
D843449 Calendar device  
D843446 Postcard  
D843452 Writing instrument attachment  
D843448 Calendar device  
D843447 Calendar device  
D843451 Folder  
D842374 Cake greeting card  
D842375 Binder  
D842376 Visual status board  
D842005 Wall mounted organizer  
D842378 Pen cap  
D842377 Tape dispenser