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D788220 Electronic audio message recording and playback device with light activation  
D788219 Print of a round collage of photographs  
D788221 Display-coupled financial transaction card  
D788218 Print of a heart-shaped collage of photographs  
D787594 Pen  
D787592 Hook and loop fastener learning board  
D787591 Folder  
D787593 Whiteboard  
D787595 Ballpoint pen  
D786973 Ballpoint pen  
D786972 Tape for tape printing machine  
D786356 Financial transaction card  
D786355 Smart card with a chip and finger-print sensor  
D786354 Greeting card with bottle opener  
D786357 Type font  
D786353 Tape for tape printing machine  
D786351 Tape for tape printing machine  
D786352 Tape for tape printing machine  
D786358 Pen  
D786350 Tape for tape printing machine  
D785703 Educational toy number stacking block set  
D785707 Pen  
D785706 Board  
D785708 Pen clip  
D785704 Handwriting card set  
D785705 Pencil sharpener  
D785089 Gift card  
D785092 Celestial globe  
D785091 Drummer training apparatus  
D785093 3D pen  
D785090 Bi-fold laminated gift card mailer  
D785060 Pottery holder  
D785094 Light accessory for a drawing instrument  
D785059 Pottery holder  
D784452 Board  
D784445 Formal children's stationery  
D784450 Handwriting card set  
D784451 Board  
D784447 Notebook  
D784449 Visual aid that demonstrates a random walk and generates a bell curve distribution  
D784448 Spine of a binder  
D784446 Greeting card with integral gift card  
D783716 Greeting card with glasses  
D783717 Greeting card with removable disc  
D783718 Strap for journal  
D783715 Trophy greeting card  
D783899 False eyelash dispenser  
D782896 Finger placement grip for a hand tool  
D783025 Writing instrument with USB connector  
D782895 Finger placement grip for a hand tool