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D746370 Ruled notebook paper  
D746373 Emotional indicator device  
D745926 Ballpoint pen  
D745603 Note dispenser  
D745604 Slant board  
D745602 Ring binder mechanism having a convex central rib  
D745089 Combination stylus pen  
D745090 Saturn-shaped pen clip  
D744591 Cap  
D744590 Bullet pen  
D744587 File folder with multiple pockets  
D744588 Dry erase board  
D744592 Marking pen  
D744589 Brush holder  
D744033 Calendar with applied surface pattern  
D744036 Bingo dauber  
D744038 Chalk  
D744034 Speech bubble board  
D744037 Marking pen  
D744035 Arrow board  
D744032 Holder tag for a stored value card  
D743485 Book and tablet stand  
D743487 Ballpoint pen  
D743486 Fountain pen  
D743488 Refill container for marker  
D742963 Card  
D742964 Calendar with applied surface pattern  
D742967 Writing instrument  
D742965 Duct tape with bacon pattern  
D742966 Sharpener with eraser  
D742453 Pen top  
D742452 Combined business card and a coin  
D742454 Marking pen  
D741950 Combination stylus and ballpoint pen  
D741955 Trading card toy  
D741404 Financial transaction card  
D741407 Bible book holder  
D741406 Adhesive tape roll with non-adherent pull tab  
D741405 Adhesive tape for cleaning with patterns printed thereon  
D740883 White board  
D740884 Writing instrument  
D740882 Protective case  
D740361 Endoscopy training apparatus  
D740365 Writing instrument  
D740366 Writing instrument cap  
D740364 Writing instrument  
D740362 Pen  
D740363 Writing instrument  
D740491 Mascara and brush container  
D739892 Pad of file folders