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D794125 Note holder  
D794118 Binder spine hinge  
D794124 Note holder  
D794122 Note holder  
D794120 Writing instrument case  
D794121 Note holder  
D793476 Page holder  
D793475 Memories booklet  
D793474 Letter resealer  
D793477 Clipboard  
D792926 Cap for a writing utensil  
D792518 Board  
D792515 Ring binder  
D792512 Display with font  
D792403 Electronic device  
D792404 Electronic device  
D792513 Display with font  
D792511 Display with font  
D792175 Cutting board  
D792517 Desktop organizer  
D792516 Compass head  
D792514 Cover  
D792519 Writing instrument  
D792406 Stylus set  
D792510 Guitar greeting card  
D791874 Ballpoint pen  
D791872 Tab  
D791875 UV pen  
D791871 Bookshelf  
D791869 Writing paper  
D791870 Energy generation and consumption learning tool  
D791873 Pen  
D791233 Indicia fields  
D791232 Writing board  
D791231 Book  
D791234 Writing instrument cap  
D790630 Tape dispenser  
D790629 Masking tape  
D790628 Tabbed index card  
D790627 Greeting card with mobile ornaments  
D790007 Personalizable video card  
D789448 Notebook with fur  
D789449 Hand-held educational game  
D789450 Metrology training device  
D789452 Marking pen  
D789451 Pen with highlighter tip  
D789447 Donut greeting card  
D789453 Drawing tool  
D788845 Payment card enclosure  
D788849 Advent calendar