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D774132 Card with a decorative chain  
D774136 Magnetic bookmark and key fob  
D774134 Credit card RFID theft prevention device  
D774135 Authentication card  
D773897 Storage holder  
D773558 Storage cube  
D773556 Ring binder  
D773559 Combination pen and cutter  
D773557 Teaching machine for small children  
D773555 Label sheet  
D772978 Wearable sensing device  
D772979 Adhesive tape  
D772980 Mail and key holder  
D772983 Pen  
D772982 Pen  
D772981 Pen  
D772338 Note tab  
D771747 Folder  
D771745 Stored value card envelope  
D771749 Writing instrument  
D771748 Display device for cabinetry doors  
D771746 Credit card  
D771744 Promotional or greeting card with countdown timer  
D771753 3D pocket puzzle  
D771189 Center band of a pen  
D771188 Ballpoint pen  
D771187 Notepad jacket  
D771185 Sealing tab  
D771186 Financial transaction card  
D771190 Pen  
D769971 Slotted cup  
D769973 Card holder  
D769972 Clipboard case  
D769970 Combined book and greeting card cover  
D769974 Pen  
D769969 Vertically-oriented transaction card  
D769370 Pen holder  
D769369 Dog card holder  
D768770 Credit card  
D768777 Ballpoint pen with stylus  
D768778 Mechanical pencil  
D768774 Volleyball court board  
D768776 Basketball court board  
D768772 Volleyball court clipboard  
D768769 Gift card assembly with removable gift card, sticker and tear strip  
D768771 Template  
D768773 Baseball diamond clipboard  
D768775 Baseball diamond board  
D768237 Origami envelope  
D768240 Grip for a writing implement