Match Document Document Title
D752517 Desktop receptacle  
D752685 Pen  
D752686 Carpenter's pencil  
D752683 Folder with spine features  
D752682 Note sheets and related pads of note sheets  
D752145 Bulletin board  
D752147 Pen and stylus  
D752144 Folder with flap features  
D752146 Marker  
D751642 Teaching mitten  
D751643 Marker  
D751644 Writing instrument  
D751640 Interactive electronic card with display and button  
D751639 Interactive electronic card with display and button  
D751641 Financial transaction card  
D751645 Eraser holder  
D751144 Writing instrument and stylus  
D751148 Combined holder for store value card and notepad  
D751146 Writing instrument  
D751145 Marker  
D751147 Writing instrument  
D750707 Tool for teaching how to tie a necktie  
D750170 Stamp housing  
D750166 Interactive electronic card with display and buttons  
D750171 Catchall tray  
D750167 Interactive electronic card with buttons  
D750169 Multi pocket folder  
D750168 Interactive electronic card with display and button  
D749673 Postcard  
D749173 Drawing tool  
D748726 Clipboard  
D748725 Transaction card  
D748727 Ballpoint pen  
D748728 Ballpoint pen  
D748195 Pen  
D748194 Book jacket  
D747767 Envelope-card combination  
D747770 Pen  
D747768 Book stand  
D747769 Music board  
D747400 Instant photo print  
D747407 Coding matrix tool  
D747411 Compass  
D747409 Coding matrix tool  
D747408 Coding matrix tool  
D747412 Board  
D747410 Coding matrix tool  
D747413 Pencil grip  
D746908 Coding matrix tool  
D746909 Coding matrix tool