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D741407 Bible book holder  
D741406 Adhesive tape roll with non-adherent pull tab  
D741405 Adhesive tape for cleaning with patterns printed thereon  
D740883 White board  
D740884 Writing instrument  
D740882 Protective case  
D740361 Endoscopy training apparatus  
D740365 Writing instrument  
D740366 Writing instrument cap  
D740364 Writing instrument  
D740362 Pen  
D740363 Writing instrument  
D740491 Mascara and brush container  
D739892 Pad of file folders  
D739893 Pad of file folders  
D739460 Vertical pocket folder  
D739461 Document folder  
D739463 Organizer  
D739465 Writing instrument  
D739464 Electronic display board  
D739462 Bookmark  
D738958 Blade assembly for a hand held masking tool  
D738957 Transaction product  
D737898 Merchandise return label for international returns  
D737900 Reel  
D737899 Four—2×2 pocket photo sleeve  
D737828 Personal organizer folder  
D737375 Pen  
D737373 Interactive electronic card with contact connector  
D737374 Reel  
D736852 Perpetual calendar  
D736854 Hanging file folder  
D736856 Eraser with pencil sharpener  
D736853 Book page marker  
D736855 Writing instrument  
D736317 Pen  
D736315 Memo paper dispenser  
D736313 Cutting mat template  
D736314 Aid for teaching drawings  
D736316 Memo paper dispenser  
D736048 Hand held masking tool  
D735806 Financial transaction card  
D735807 Financial transaction card  
D735809 Lotto scratch off pen  
D735810 Pen  
D735811 Pen  
D735808 Elliptical cross sectional ring member for a ring mechanism  
D735270 Notebook spine window  
D735269 Football planner  
D734817 Binder