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D780268 Pen  
D780260 Greeting card with window  
D779591 Payment card  
D779590 Indexing tab  
D779592 Writing instrument  
D778985 Tape dispensing tool  
D778986 Holder for pen and data storage device  
D778356 Note holder  
D778358 Pen  
D778354 Paddle ball greeting card  
D778357 Folding pen  
D778355 Flag pin  
D777835 Check pad folio  
D777836 Writing instrument  
D777834 Calendar  
D777837 Writing instrument  
D777252 Interactive electronic card with buttons  
D777254 Clip  
D777255 Pen  
D777256 Mechanical pencil  
D777257 Pen  
D777253 Clip  
D776759 Note holder with clip  
D776756 Vertically-oriented, translucent transaction card  
D776755 Vertically-oriented, blue colored transaction card  
D776760 Fountain pen  
D776757 Mesh caddy organizer  
D776758 Marker holder and eraser  
D776196 Folder rack  
D776197 Artist palette  
D776198 Pen  
D775953 Cap  
D776193 Auto recall notice postcard  
D776195 Pen holder  
D775814 Pen box  
D776194 Notebook  
D775689 Clip  
D775688 Self laminating label sheet  
D775278 Clip  
D775277 Drawing template  
D775276 Envelope for holding stored value cards  
D775279 Marker  
D774594 Clip  
D774593 Envelope with window  
D774133 Gift card assembly with removable gift card sticker  
D774138 Cat wire  
D774131 Postcard  
D774137 Robot wire  
D774140 Pen  
D774139 Pen