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D862591 Cutting tool for adhesive tape dispenser  
D860312 Adhesive tape dispenser  
D856418 Tape dispenser  
D855696 Tape dispenser  
D854616 Tape dispenser  
D851700 Tape dispenser  
D851701 Tape dispenser  
D847258 Adhesive tape  
D842377 Tape dispenser  
D831742 Tooth for cutting edge  
D827027 Correction tape dispenser  
D818537 Tape dispenser  
D814564 Tape dispenser  
D814565 Tape dispenser  
D812688 Tape dispenser  
D812306 Fishbone tape  
D811477 Correction tool  
D790630 Tape dispenser  
D790629 Masking tape  
D783899 False eyelash dispenser  
D778985 Tape dispensing tool  
D772979 Adhesive tape  
D759754 Adhesive tape  
D756455 Tape dispenser  
D756456 Tape dispenser  
D755288 Coating film transfer tool  
D753762 Tape dispenser  
D742965 Duct tape with bacon pattern  
D741406 Adhesive tape roll with non-adherent pull tab  
D741405 Adhesive tape for cleaning with patterns printed thereon  
D738958 Blade assembly for a hand held masking tool  
D737900 Reel  
D737374 Reel  
D730444 Dispenser  
D730445 Coating transfer device  
D728685 Coating transfer device  
D728020 Coating transfer device  
D721975 Adhesive bandage dispenser in the shape of a donut  
D721401 Tape dispenser  
D720807 Tape dispenser  
D718812 Adhesive tape having non-linear side edges  
D713875 Tape dispenser  
D713876 Spindle assembly  
D713452 Adhesive tape dispenser  
D712962 Dispenser  
D710939 Tape dispenser  
D709947 Tape applicator  
D709129 Dispenser  
D708666 Dispenser  
D708667 Tape dispenser