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D719216 Pill pocket binder sheet  
D716868 Binder sheet with pill pocket  
D690355 Set of dividers with tabs  
D675257 Display sleeve  
D674015 Set of pocketed sheets  
D667497 Student's notebook leaf  
D640318 Business card organizer  
D634782 Business card organizer  
D608391 Tab divider  
D601624 Adjustable tab divider  
D599401 Organizer kit  
D588637 Sequentially two stepped extension plate paper file  
D587750 Re-recordable page insert  
D581459 Binder divider with flash drive storage compartments  
D574428 Business card organizer  
D567286 Pocket folder  
D565100 Coin holder  
D564581 Pages for a book  
D532819 Pocket photo album page  
D522575 Scrapbook paper and sticker organizer  
D522577 Scrapbook paper organizer  
D522576 Page planner  
D522578 Legal exhibit photo display system  
7037021 Dual flap scrapbook insert leaf  
A dual flap scrapbook insert leaf for mounting in a scrapbook for preserving scrapbook displays and storing the displays in a multi-ring photo or scrapbook album. The dual flap scrapbook insert...
6964433 Reinforcement member for albums  
A photo album is disclosed having a cover, a fastener threaded through the cover, and a reinforcement member positioned between the fastener and the cover. The reinforcement member is preferably...
6942414 Easy-to-load sheet protectors  
A sheet protector includes a front panel and a back panel attached together to form a pocket and a margin. The pocket may have an opening extending along a top edge of the panels. The margin...
6926306 Report cover with improved binding structure and method of making same  
A one-piece report cover and improved binding structure. The report cover has a front panel, spine and back panel. The improved binding structure comprises a male connector panel, female connector...
6923590 Paper binding structure and method of forming same  
A binding structure for binding together sheets of paper having multiple openings along a margin thereof is provided. The structure comprises a male connector panel having multiple openings along...
6874968 Binder view pocket  
This invention relates to pockets for holding a single or a small batch of sheets of paper, and particularly to the construction of an enclosure which provides “direct write” storage and access...
D503738 File paper  
D503424 Web address book leaf  
6851718 Printed sheet protector system and method  
In addition to a set of dividers having staggered tabs and binder holes, the retail packaging includes a sheet protector pocket having a front sheet and a back sheet and binder holes. The user...
D497386 Contact planner  
D493830 Plastic photo album sheet  
D493658 Sleeve for holding multiple digital video discs and graphics  
D491407 Soft storage case with stacked pockets for disc and cover  
6742809 Photo album constructed from a strip of images  
A photo album is disclosed, made from a unitary strip of image bearing media having images printed in a pre-determined sequence. A plurality of pages is formed by folding the image media strip...
D490847 Binder insert  
6712396 Soft book  
A soft book comprised of foam pages bound by a book binding portion and a plurality of page binding portions is presented. A front cover page, a rear cover page, and at least one page, each having...
6672785 Insert for a coil bound notebook  
An insert for being coupled to coil, the insert comprising a piece of sheet-like material having an inner edge and a plurality of wings. Each wing has a central stem extending outwardly from the...
6648374 Presentation devices with indexed holders  
A folder, binder or book includes envelope pages with slits in the outer edges thereof so that the tabs of tabbed index cards, sized to fit snugly in the envelope pages can retain their tabs...
6626601 Storage pouch having attachment loops  
A storage pouch has a pouch body and a cord. The pouch body encloses an interior cavity and has an opening in communication with the interior cavity. The cord is attached to the pouch body and has...
D479854 Desk calendar leaf  
D479557 Appointment book leaf  
D479266 Monthly calendar leaf  
D478124 Tabbed divider having a plurality of transparent display pockets  
D471230 Funeral memorial book flower card holder  
D467610 Four-sided display greeting card holder  
D462715 Divider pocket  
6390714 Customizable album leaves with changeable backgrounds  
A customizable leaf for retaining visual material includes a first assembly and a second assembly. Each of the assemblies includes a front sheet and a back sheet attached together to form a margin...
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