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D840468 Multi-function printer  
D840467 Media cartridge  
D839955 Imprinter for scanner  
D839342 Printer  
D839341 Laser multi-function printer  
D838771 Printer  
D838770 Label printer  
D838772 Printer  
D838617 Bill discriminator  
D838311 Printer  
D837876 Docking stand for point-of-sale device  
D837290 Embossing machine  
D837291 Typeface  
D837292 Multi-function printer  
D836714 Printer for printing on 3D objects  
D836635 Card reader with keyboard  
D836713 Multifunction printing machine  
D836712 Multifunction printing machine  
D836711 Electronic calculator  
D836161 Toner cartridge  
D836113 Recording apparatus  
D835716 Abacus  
D835713 Shredder  
D835712 Typeface  
D835186 Printer  
D835184 Payment device  
D835185 Label printer  
D834640 Type font  
D834641 Multifunction printing machine  
D834088 Ink stamp  
D833520 Cartridge  
D833521 Printer  
D833522 Ink cartridge  
D833523 Ink cartridge  
D833519 Cartridge  
D832915 Process unit  
D832916 Multi-function printer  
D832342 Multifunction printing machine  
D832341 Multifunction printing machine  
D832337 Electronic cutter  
D832340 Cartridge  
D832343 Multi-function printer  
D832338 Toner cartridge  
D832339 Process cartridge for image forming apparatus  
D831739 Ink cartridge for printer  
D831738 Toner cartridge  
D831736 Die plate for printing plate of stamp  
D831737 Die plate for printing plate of stamp  
D831106 Point of sale platform  
D831107 Electronic device