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D808459 Character set  
D808461 Printer  
D808460 Office machine with scanner  
D807953 Toner cartridge for printer  
D807954 Toner cartridge  
D807952 Toner cartridge for printer  
D807955 Side cover for process cartridge for image forming device  
D807956 Production printing machine  
D807428 Multifunction printing machine  
D807426 Printing machine  
D807427 Printer  
D807425 Electronic calculator  
D807429 Printer mechanism  
D807424 Point of sales terminal  
D806790 Printer  
D806788 Toner cartridge  
D806783 Electronic calculator with printer  
D806792 Printer  
D806789 Printer  
D806784 Electronic calculator with printer  
D806791 Printer  
D806786 Typeface  
D806787 Typeface  
D806785 Electronic calculator  
D806159 Electronic device for a touch screen register or the like  
D806164 Service module  
D806165 Ink filter housing  
D806162 Printer  
D806158 Point-of-sale terminal  
D806160 Payment terminal with wheelchair accessible mount  
D806163 Printer cabinet  
D806161 Cash drawer top  
D805578 Printer  
D805579 Sensing member of tape cartridge for tape printing machine  
D804568 Payment device  
D803935 Printer  
D803310 Electronic copying machine  
D803309 Electronic copying machine  
D803308 Electronic copying machine  
D803311 Toner cartridge  
D803307 Hand stamp  
D802654 Stamp  
D802658 Liquid ejecting head unit  
D802653 Stamp with bottom lid  
D802655 Stamp  
D802656 Stamp  
D802657 Roll feeder for cutting plotter  
D802659 Multi-function printer  
D802049 Type font  
D802050 Ink tank container for a printer