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D820352 Font  
D820350 Stamp pad  
D820351 Printer  
D819728 Type font  
D819729 Toner cartridge  
D819124 Document handler for a multifunction printing machine  
D819122 Dynamic scale for a franking machine  
D819123 Toner cartridge  
D818532 Printer  
D818534 Printer  
D818524 Intelligent payment terminal  
D818531 Multifunction kiosk  
D818535 Printer  
D818530 Printer  
D818526 Typeface  
D818527 Printer  
D818525 Protective cover for a mobile payment device  
D818529 Printer  
D818528 Printer  
D818533 Printer  
D818038 Office machines with scanner  
D818040 Display device for a printing machine  
D818039 Printer  
D818036 Cradle for label printers  
D817787 Checking devices, measuring instruments, apparatus and devices  
D818037 Type font  
D818041 Cover  
D817388 Printer  
D817392 Ink cartridge  
D817387 Toner cartridge  
D817391 Printer  
D817389 Laser marking device  
D817390 Printer  
D816766 Printer  
D816765 Portable printer  
D816764 Portable printer  
D816763 Combined stamp pad and case  
D816153 Toner supplying cartridge  
D816155 Multifunction printing machine  
D816156 Printer  
D816158 Ink bottle for printer  
D816154 Portable printer  
D816157 Cap for an ink cartridge  
D815684 Printer  
D815683 Printer  
D815199 Multi-function printer  
D815194 Printer  
D815197 Multi-function printer  
D815196 Printer  
D815200 Ink cartridge