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D850446 Electronic device  
D850524 Paper sheet sorting and counting machine  
D850525 Point-of-sales register  
D850526 Roller stamp  
D850527 Tape printing device  
D850529 Multifunction office machine  
D850530 Printer  
D850528 Desktop laser cutter  
D849835 Cartridge for ink jet printer  
D849833 Cradle for terminal for managing selling information  
D849832 Point of sale terminal  
D849836 Printer  
D849834 Filter for a desktop laser cutter  
D849839 Electronic sensing payment device  
D849840 Electronic sensing payment device  
D849132 Portion of toner cartridge with photo conductor drum unit  
D849133 Portion of toner cartridge  
D849135 Paper cartridge for printer  
D849131 Toner cartridge  
D849134 Office machine  
D849130 Cradle for a point-of-sale terminal  
D848526 Ribbon cartridge  
D848524 Type font  
D848525 Printer  
D847899 Hand stamp  
D847254 Toner container  
D847255 Ink cartridge  
D847253 Bill acceptor  
D846634 Printer  
D846632 Typeface  
D846633 Type font  
D846021 Type font  
D846022 Attachment for printer  
D845298 Electronic device  
D845384 Process cartridge for image forming apparatus  
D845385 Printer  
D844700 Type font  
D844696 Tablet with card reader  
D844697 Task counter  
D844699 Media processing device  
D844607 Electronic device  
D844698 Payment reader cradle  
D844695 Combined cash counter and printer  
D844702 Portable printer  
D844701 Paper trimmer  
D844045 Coin depositing and dispensing apparatus  
D844050 Toner container with icon  
D844049 Type font  
D844047 Tablet with card reader  
D844048 Coin depositing and dispensing apparatus