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D798380 Toner cartridge  
D797841 Typeface  
D797844 Multi-function printer  
D797842 Type font  
D797845 Office machine with scanner  
D797843 Removable cutting assembly for a printer  
D797581 Measuring instruments, apparatus and devices, checking devices  
D796575 Toner cartridge  
D796573 Toner cartridge  
D796572 Marking press  
D796574 Photosensitive drum for cartridge  
D796576 Cartridge bladder  
D795954 Printer  
D795953 Multifunction office machine  
D795336 Tape printing machine  
D795341 Toner cartridge  
D795338 Cutting plotter  
D795342 Post-processing apparatus for photocopier  
D795340 Toner cartridge  
D795339 Toner container  
D795343 Automatic document feeder  
D795337 Type font  
D794708 Ink cartridge for printer  
D794707 Printer  
D794116 Toner container  
D794117 Toner container  
D793473 Print tape cartridge  
D793472 Toner container  
D792924 Imaging device  
D792923 Printer  
D792925 Multi-function printer  
D792509 Ink tank for printer  
D792507 Storage tray for multi-function printer  
D792508 Printer  
D791864 Drum cartridge with toner container  
D791865 Toner cartridge  
D791862 Process cartridge for image forming apparatus  
D791861 Biometric payment stand  
D791867 Printer  
D791868 Ink tank for printer  
D791866 Bearing member for cartridge  
D791863 Drum cartridge  
D791860 POS wager machine  
D791223 Payment terminal  
D791225 Toner cartridge  
D791227 Developer cartridge  
D791229 Printer  
D791224 Process cartridge for image forming apparatus  
D791226 Developer cartridge  
D791230 Tape cartridge for tape printing machine