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D786966 Cartridge for ink jet printer  
D786969 Access door of a printer  
D786971 Printer  
D786965 Printer  
D786962 Side cover for process cartridge for image forming device  
D786967 Multi-function printer  
D786964 Desktop printer  
D786341 Tape printing machine  
D786340 Type font  
D786346 Printer  
D786344 Cartridge for printer  
D786347 Ink cartridge  
D786349 Printer  
D786342 Case for printer  
D786343 Printer  
D786338 Type font  
D786345 Ink tank cap  
D786348 Printer  
D786339 Type font  
D785701 Toner container  
D785702 Printer  
D785087 Ink tank for printer  
D785086 Printer  
D785088 Waste toner bottle for a printer  
D785084 Printer  
D785085 Printer  
D785083 Toner cartridge  
D785082 Toner cartridge  
D784167 Image sensor  
D784444 Ink tank for printer  
D784443 Set of typographical characters and symbols  
D783714 Ink ribbon cartridge  
D783712 Printer  
D783713 Printer mailbox  
D783087 Photosensitive drum unit  
D783086 Toner cartridge  
D783090 Ink cartridge  
D783089 Ink cartridge  
D783091 Ink cartridge  
D783088 Printer  
D782570 Printer  
D782569 Cartridge for ink jet printer  
D782568 Printer  
D781956 Paper feeder for a printer  
D781955 Portable printer  
D781376 Toner cartridge  
D781375 Toner container  
D781372 Payment terminal stand  
D781373 Toner container  
D781374 Toner container