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D694813 Shredder  
D694319 Tape printing machine  
D694320 Printer  
D694316 Printer  
D694321 Ink jet head  
D694318 Printer  
D694317 Tape printing machine  
D693872 English type font  
D693873 Printer  
D693401 Printer  
D693400 Laser printer toner cartridge  
D693399 Developing device for a printer  
D692944 Toner cartridge for a printer  
D692946 Slider bar for press chase  
D692947 Ink cartridge  
D692945 Toner cartridge for a printer  
D692476 Type font  
D692477 Printer  
D692478 Ink jet head  
D692051 Printer with a hinged keyboard  
D692049 Type font  
D692048 Printer device  
D692050 Type font  
D692052 Ink cartridge  
D690765 Cartridge for textile printer  
D690764 Shredder  
D690349 A-POS machine  
D690350 Thermal head  
D689921 Point of sale display  
D689923 Flexible cover for a calculator  
D689925 Ink cartridge  
D689924 Printer  
D689922 Flexible cover for a calculator  
D689544 Production digital printer  
D689542 Thermal transfer printer  
D689541 Typeface  
D689543 Printer  
8532525 Image-forming apparatus  
An image scanner section is disposed above a printer section. The image scanner section is supported by the printer section in such a manner as to be pivotable about a pivotal axis. The printer...
D689130 Franking system  
D689127 Type font  
D689126 Register for point of sale  
D689131 Franking system  
D689133 Franking system  
D689132 Franking system  
D689129 Toner supplying cartridge  
D689128 Toner container  
D688739 Shredder  
D688741 Three-dimensional printer  
D688743 Linear color changer  
D688740 Shredder