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D720001 Enlargement printer  
D719999 Terminal  
D718383 Imaging device  
D718378 Photosensitive drum unit  
D718381 Toner cartridge  
D718380 Toner cartridge  
D718379 Photosensitive drum unit  
D718382 Powder container  
D717369 Toner cartridge  
D716867 Label applicator  
D716369 Card payment terminal  
D716371 Card payment terminal  
D716372 Card payment terminal  
D716373 Imaging device  
D716295 Tablet  
D716370 Card payment terminal  
D715796 Handset for interactive learning  
D715853 Case for a printer  
D715852 Case for a printer  
D715352 Shredder  
D715354 Shredder  
D715353 Media shredder  
D715357 Case for a printer  
D715355 Toner cartridge  
D715356 Tape printing machine  
D714862 Case for a printer  
8856951 License management system and method  
When hardware connected to an image forming apparatus is detected, a check is performed as to whether the hardware was used with another image forming apparatus, and, if used, a license of an...
D714861 Printer  
D714863 Cartridge for ink  
D713872 Drum cartridge  
D713871 Printer  
D713448 Toner cartridge  
D713447 Table-side information and point-of-sale (POS) device  
D712960 Printer  
D712959 Toner cartridge  
D712466 Ink cartridge  
D712463 Powder container  
D712460 Toner cartridge  
D712457 Toner cartridge  
D712459 Toner cartridge  
D712462 Toner cartridge  
D712456 Toner cartridge  
D712458 Toner cartridge  
D712465 Ink cartridge  
D712461 Toner cartridge  
D712464 Ink cartridge  
D712455 Toner cartridge  
D711749 Developer container for printer cartridge  
D711965 Shutter of a powder container  
D711463 Stereolithography machine