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D703735 Food safety printer  
D703736 Food safety printer  
D703264 Imprinter for scanner  
D702760 Multifunction printer  
D702759 Printer  
D702285 Office machine  
D702286 Drive gear for imaging components  
D701898 Tape printing machine  
D701562 Tape printing machine  
D701563 Multifunction printer  
D701561 Printer  
D701560 Hard cover book binding machine  
D701250 Guillotine-type cutting machine  
D701251 Guillotine-type cutting machine  
D701252 Guillotine-type cutting machine  
D701253 Guillotine-type cutting machine  
D700650 Label printer  
8663748 Method of producing a conductive roller utilizing a semi-curing step  
In the formation of a conductive roller 1, a compound forming an elastomer by curing through an electron beam irradiation or a ultraviolet ray irradiation is applied onto an outside of a shaft...
D700649 Label printing device  
D699783 Printer  
D699782 Printer  
D699785 Ink cartridge  
D699781 Electronic cutter  
D699784 Office printer  
D699282 Flange for xerographic photoreceptor  
D699281 Flange for xerographic photoreceptor  
RE44752 Printer stamp  
D699283 Linear color changer component  
D699284 Ink tank for printer  
D698856 Type font  
D698858 Powder container  
D698860 Flange for xerographic photoreceptor  
D698857 Powder container  
D698859 Flange for xerographic photoreceptor  
D698861 Drive gear for photosensitive drum  
D698862 Printer  
D698384 Electronic tablet kiosk with integrated payment module  
D698387 Powder container  
D698389 Printer  
D698388 Powder container  
D698385 Tape printing machine  
D698386 Powder container  
D697964 Printer  
D697965 Printer  
D697966 Printer  
D697967 Printer  
D697549 Toner cartridge  
D697550 Printer  
D697132 Powder container  
D697131 Cartridge for an electronic cutter