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D733215 Type font  
D733217 Printer  
D733216 Printer  
D732607 Printer  
D732606 Multifunction printer  
D732608 Printer  
D732106 Self-inking stamp  
D732108 Portable mobile printer  
D732107 Driving wheel for photosensitive drum  
D732109 Multifunction printer  
D730980 Printer  
D730978 Printer  
D730979 Three-dimensional printer frame user interface  
D730977 Payment terminal  
D730436 Toner cartridge for copy machine  
D730437 Printer  
D729867 Card payment terminal  
D729868 Calculator lid  
D729311 Printer  
D729310 Printer  
D729312 Ink cartridge  
D729309 Three-dimensional printer  
D728676 Voting terminal  
D728679 Production digital printer  
D728678 Printer  
D728677 Printer  
D728675 Payment card reader with biometric verification means  
D728013 Printer  
D728014 Cartridge for printer  
D728012 Toner cartridge  
D728011 Copier  
D728010 Bench-type paper shredder  
D727411 Toner cartridge for printer  
D727415 Printer  
D727414 Printer  
D727416 Printer  
D727409 Copier  
D727410 Copier  
D727412 Toner cartridge  
D727417 Printer  
D727418 Pen for a printer  
D727413 Printer  
D726814 Tube for ribbon filter  
D726813 Cash count audit apparatus  
D726815 Holder for the tape cartridge for tape printing machine  
D726253 Printer  
D726248 Over terminal instant inventory system  
D726252 Cap for an ink cartridge  
D726251 Multi-function printer  
D726249 Multi-function printer