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D711462 Toner supplying cartridge  
D711460 Bill presenter  
D710936 Typeface  
D710438 Printer  
D709946 Portion of a toner cartridge  
D709945 Payment terminal  
D709551 Typeface  
D709125 Multi-function imaging and printing device  
D709126 Ink cartridge  
D709127 Ink cartridge  
D708665 Handheld printer  
D708254 Shredder  
D707752 Toner cartridge  
D707749 Shredder  
D707751 Toner cartridge  
D707750 Shredder  
D707289 Light barrier element of a guillotine-type cutting machine  
D707288 Point of sale terminal  
D707290 Ink cartridge  
D706864 Point of sale terminal  
D706863 Point of sale terminal  
D706865 Electronic calculator  
D706866 Type font  
D706338 Type font  
D706337 Hand held printer  
D706339 Developing device for a printer  
D706340 Rotary torque transfer unit  
D706341 Printer  
D705855 Type font  
D705856 Type font  
D705857 Type font  
D705854 Type font  
D705861 Imaging device  
D705852 Type font  
D705858 Shredder  
D705851 Tape printing machine  
D705860 Shredder  
D705859 Shredder  
D705853 Type font  
D705850 Tape printing machine  
D705347 Type font  
D705349 Developing apparatus for printer  
D705346 Hand held printer  
D705348 Type font  
D704768 Type font  
D704767 Tape printing machine  
D704258 Type font  
D704255 Bill presenter  
D704256 Type font  
D704259 Ink cartridge