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D757848 Barcode printer  
D757161 Toner container  
D757170 Printer  
D757172 Ink ribbon cartridge for tape printing machine  
D757165 Printer  
D757167 Tape printing machine  
D757164 Printer  
D757168 Tape printing machine  
D757162 Point-of-sale printer  
D757169 Tape printing machine  
D757163 Printer  
D757166 Printer  
D757173 Ink pack  
D757171 Printer  
D756452 Cartridge  
D755887 Paper sensor  
D755889 Multifunction office machine  
D755888 Toner cartridge  
D755890 Printer take-up device  
D755284 Printer  
D755285 Printer  
D755286 Multi-function printer  
D755283 Toner cartridge  
D754786 Money counter  
D754788 Printer  
D754789 Cartridge for ink jet printer  
D754787 Printer  
D754248 Toner cartridge  
D754249 Finisher for an image producing office machine  
D754247 Toner cartridge  
D753761 Cartridge pin extractor  
D753217 Label printer  
D753216 Portion of a powder container  
D753218 Printer  
D752681 Printer  
D752143 Case for a printer  
D752141 Printer  
D752142 Printer  
D752137 Tape printing machine  
D752135 Electronic copying machine  
D752138 Printer  
D752139 Printer  
D752136 Image drum cartridge  
D752133 Paper cutter  
D752140 Printer  
D752132 Shredder with interchangeable panels  
D752131 Electronic device design  
D752134 Electronic copying machine  
D751632 Coin counting device  
D751638 Printer