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D781956 Paper feeder for a printer  
D781955 Portable printer  
D781376 Toner cartridge  
D781375 Toner container  
D781372 Payment terminal stand  
D781373 Toner container  
D781374 Toner container  
D780842 Ink tank for printer  
D780838 Type font  
D780841 Multi-function printer  
D780839 Multi-function printer  
D780840 Multi-function printer  
D780258 Ink tank for printer  
D780256 Production inkjet printer  
D780257 Ink tank for printer  
D780259 Ink tank for printer  
D779331 Container  
D779587 Drive gear for imaging component  
D779588 Fitness apparatus  
D779589 Development apparatus for printer  
D779149 Illuminated cash drawer  
D778983 Multi-function printer  
D778982 Mobile point-of-sale display and printer  
D778984 Paper support for multi-function printer  
D778353 Book binding machine  
D778352 Device for forming braille cells  
D777830 Typeface  
D777832 Toner cartridge  
D777833 Multi-function printer  
D777831 Cassette  
D777250 ROM chip attachment of an ink bottle  
D777251 Stand  
D777246 Tape printing machine  
D777249 Printer  
D777248 Printer  
D777247 Interface portion of a cassette  
D775274 Printer  
D775275 Bar code printer  
D774592 Cartridge for printer  
D774130 Toner cartridge  
D774129 Media cartridge  
D773554 Cash register  
D773323 Distance measuring apparatus  
D772976 Pet collar imprinting kiosk  
D772977 Printer  
D772335 Customer point of sale terminal  
D772337 Printer  
D772336 Toner cartridge  
D771181 Printer  
D771183 Printer