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Match Document Document Title
D846022 Attachment for printer  
D841731 Document handler for a multifunction printing machine  
D795342 Post-processing apparatus for photocopier  
D765165 Finisher for multi-function printer  
D582471 Banknote sorter  
D579485 Collating machine for an electronic copying machine  
D562377 Bank note sorter  
D560711 Banknote counter  
D558259 Finisher for a printer  
D549278 Printer accessory  
D544529 Paper tray  
D538846 Twin stacker delivery  
D483400 Sheet stacker  
D462380 Printer  
D451128 Sheet output device  
D450753 Gatherer for copying machine  
D438239 Post-processing apparatus for copying machine  
D429275 Stacker for electronic copying machine  
D428436 Sorter  
D421044 Sorter/book-binder of copying machine  
D404420 Sorter for copying machine  
D403349 Sheet handling apparatus  
D396879 Sorter  
D394084 Sorter for copying machine  
D385908 Sorter for copying machine  
D384369 Sorter for photocopier  
D374885 Deleaver  
D327056 Document sorter  
D319055 Loading module for currency cartridges  
D317784 Printer  
4958823 Paper feeding stand  
A paper feeding stand on which a recording apparatus such as a copying machine is mounted and which contains paper for recording and feeds the paper to the recording apparatus through intermediate...
4825022 Mail sorting computer keyboard  
An improved mail sorting computer keyboard, having a plurality of keys arranged in first and second groups for rotational movement, is provided. A first rod is disposed through apertures of each...
D295188 Device for reversing and placing discharged sheet for laser beam printer  
4569586 Paper supply system of copying machine  
A copying machine paper supply system includes a space for housing paper supply cassettes and at least two paper supply rollers and cassette-holding members installed in such space. The paper...
4416449 Document separating apparatus and method  
A document separation device for separating documents in a stack employs counter-rotating drum and friction belt members to strip away and hold back more than a single document trying to pass...
D263227 Deleaver or similar article  
D252272 Decollator  
Apparatus is described for stacking strip material that has been folded in opposite directions, e.g. computer output, by directing sequentially a plurality of fluid jets to position the outfolds...
D179023 Title is not available  
D210077 Title is not available  
D235920 Title is not available  
D135751 Title is not available  
D204330 Title is not available  
D194568 Title is not available  
D235921 Title is not available  
D158814 Title is not available  
D171362 Title is not available  
D235922 Title is not available  
D225572 Title is not available  
Matches 1 - 49 out of 49