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D318686 Compact copier and printer  
D318291 Hand held electronic copying machine  
5031116 Image forming apparatus  
An image forming apparatus as provided which receives image data supplied from a host unit and forms an image on an image forming medium. Even if a desired image forming medium is not present, the...
D317786 Portable photocopying machine  
D317460 Electronic copying machine  
D317420 Printer  
D316425 Copying machine  
5006002 Portable printing apparatus with movable paper feed gate  
Portable printing apparatus is disclosed that includes a portable, weather-proof housing adapted to be carried by a user as by a shoulder strap. The housing is made up of two separable housing...
D316106 Hand held copying machine  
D314788 Microfilm camera  
D314212 Developing device for copying machine  
D314008 Image recorder for printing  
D313813 Developing unit for copiers  
D313039 Copier or similar article  
D313037 Portable copying machine  
D312652 Copying machine  
D312268 Photocopy machine  
RE33425 Handy reader/printer apparatus  
In a handy reader/printer apparatus for reading recorded information from a desired portion of a medium to be read and printing read information on a desired portion of a medium to be printed, the...
4958236 Image processing method and apparatus therefor  
In a method of reading an image by dividing it into plural areas and reading these divided areas in succession, continuity is given to the data of plural areas by conducting digitization in...
D310097 Printer  
4949283 Manually sweepable printing apparatus  
A manually sweepable printer stores data transferred from a data forming apparatus such as a wordprocessor in a memory. The printer is placed on printing paper and manually swept to sequentially...
4945216 Wireless bar code reader  
A wireless bar code reader, which simplifies the setting and operation of a microwave oven, comprises a scanning unit for reading bar codes in a cookbook and a transmitting unit for transmitting...
4943815 Laser printer with light-exposure prevention  
When cover (8) of the laser printer (3) is closed, absence of the replaceable cartridge (15) or the shroud assembly (9) will activate both an electrical and a mechanical interlock. A moveable...
4935821 Image processing apparatus for multi-media copying machine  
An image processing apparatus applicable to a multi-media copying machine with which multiple different recording media are usable includes a scanner for reading a document image and converting it...
D308694 Laser printer  
D308222 Document recorder  
D308219 Desktop page printer  
4921343 Overhead projector  
A variable power reflectory type overhead projector for forming a projected luminous beam by lighting a reflecting mirror from the projecting lens side. A transparent film-to-be-projected support...
D307298 Portable copier  
4908711 Electronic writing board  
A flexible electrostatic recording medium used in conjunction with an electronic blackboard includes a base layer composed of a synthetic resin, a conductive layer formed on the base layer, and a...
4905040 Board copying apparatus  
A board copying apparatus comprising a writing board unit carrying a sheet which enables an image to be written thereon, a copying unit capable of forming, on a recording material, a copy image of...
4899182 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus  
An electrophotographic image forming apparatus includes a detachable controller cartridge in which at least a control circuit is accommodated. The detachable controller cartridge can be detachably...
4899228 Manually sweeping apparatus with image sensor  
A small-sized copying apparatus has a housing (1). As the housing (1) is moved, an image data-reading circuit (15, 56, 57, 58) receives the light reflected from an original illuminated by a light...
D305775 Copying machine  
D305438 Portable copying machine  
D304824 Combination printer and image scanner  
D304186 Combined copying machine, facsimile transmitter/receiver and printer  
D303543 Developing device for copying machine  
D303542 Developing device for electrophotographic copier  
D303541 Developing device for electrophotographic copier  
D302986 Whiteboard with photocopier  
D302551 Drafting plotter  
4849824 Openable recording apparatus with multiple rolls of recording sheet  
A recording apparatus has a recording device for recording an image corresponding to image information on a recording sheet, a first housing, a second housing openable relative to the first...
D301471 Combined copying machine and electronic computer  
D300532 Facsimile transceiver/receiver  
4816921 Document reading apparatus  
The present invention provides a document reading apparatus having a document placing plate and a transparent flat plate which hold a document with a surface to be read directed upward, a sensor...
D300150 White board copier  
D300149 Whiteboard and photocopier  
D300137 Facsimile  
4810087 Portable microfilm reader  
A microfilm reader which has an optical system for magnifying and projecting an image recorded on a film contained a cassette onto a viewing screen mounted on a pivot shaft of a casing having a...
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