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D818523 Stringed instrument  
D818035 Electric bass  
D818034 Mute  
D817383 Guitar  
D817385 Humbucking pickup  
D817386 Electronic device for musical instrument  
D817384 Electric guitar  
D816762 Guitar  
D815682 Guitar effects pedalboard  
D815191 Rehairing tool for stringed instrument bows  
D815193 Steelpan magnet  
D815192 Drum stick gripping device  
D814555 Colored piano mat  
D814556 Upright piano  
D814557 Headstock  
D814558 Guitar fret cleaning guard  
D813936 Drum  
D813937 Drum stick finger holder  
D813295 Stringed instrument  
D812677 Ukulele  
D811470 Guitar pick sling  
D811471 Drum pad  
D810513 Cocktail shaker  
D810188 Lift ring hand pan drum  
D810187 Headstock portion of a guitar  
D810186 Mini pocket trumpet  
D810185 Keyboard instrument  
D809588 Keyboard instrument  
D808781 Piano caster cup  
D809058 Thumb strap for attachment to a musical plectrum  
D809057 Grand piano  
D807950 Side mount capo  
D807951 Volume pedal  
D807423 Music rest  
D806782 Violin  
D805295 Pick holder  
D805125 Sound bar  
D805126 Keyboard instrument  
D804567 Guitar headstock  
D804566 Guitar body  
D803933 Tuning peg cover  
D803934 Frame for mallet instruments  
D802652 Drumstick  
D801426 Capo  
D800829 Synthesizer  
D798947 Musical instrument  
D798377 Metronome  
D797840 Stringed instrument pickup  
D797839 Piano  
D797184 Pick guard