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D781954 Pedal board  
D781953 Cross electric guitar  
D781371 Drumstick grip pattern  
D780833 Guitar body  
D780837 Side plate  
D780834 Set of string attachments for guitar  
D780836 Drum head wall display with a retaining ring  
D780835 Percussion instrument  
D780832 LED cello  
D780254 Musical wind instrument  
D780255 Guitar  
D779586 Tuner  
D779585 Guitar neck support  
D779584 Internal mute for brass musical instruments  
D778980 Adjustable directivity acoustic pickup for musical instruments  
D778981 Guitar  
D778346 Electronic keyboard  
D778343 Electronic keyboard  
D778342 Electronic keyboard  
D778347 Electronic keyboard  
D778345 Electronic keyboard  
D778349 Electric guitar  
D778350 Heart-shaped stringed instrument  
D778344 Electronic keyboard  
D778351 Electric guitar  
D778348 Guitar body  
D777243 Electronic keyboard  
D777245 Percussion musical instrument  
D777244 Guitar hurling stick  
D776753 Electronic instrument with keyboard  
D776754 Stringed instrument  
D776192 Musical instrument  
D776189 Electronic keyboard  
D776190 Electronic musical instrument with keyboard  
D776191 Capo  
D776188 Electronic input device  
D775687 Drum stick  
D775268 Ukulele body  
D775269 Stringed instrument tuner  
D775271 Clip-on musical instrument tuner  
D775272 Stand for stringed instrument  
D775270 Picking device  
D775273 Stand for stringed instrument  
D774127 Electronic piano  
D774128 Metal tongue drum  
D773553 Stringed instrument work station  
D772974 Electronic keyboard  
D772975 Guitar body  
D772332 Combined guitar headstock and neck  
D772334 Electronic percussion instrument