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D685021 Tuner pedal  
D684624 Guitar neck  
D682925 Musical instrument pedal  
D682346 Musical instrument pedal  
D681716 Digital drum set  
D681105 Bass drum  
D681104 Guitar headstock  
D681102 Guitar headstock  
D681103 Guitar headstock  
D679744 Snare throw  
D679743 Guitar end pin  
D678394 Guitar soundboard  
D678392 Bottle-shaped ukulele  
D678393 Capo device  
D678395 Wireless guitar transmitter  
D677713 Guitar head  
D677712 Guitar head  
D677318 Hand clap maraca  
D677319 Soccer themed hand clap maraca  
D677320 Basketball themed hand clap maraca  
D677321 Football themed hand clap maraca  
D676899 Piano  
D675250 Tambourine  
D674837 Guitar  
D674002 Drum key  
D674000 Guitar soundboard  
D673998 Instrument strap  
D674001 Plectrum  
D673999 Plectrum  
D673601 Stringed musical instrument  
D673209 String tuning mechanism  
D673210 Stringed musical instrument headstock  
D673207 Keyboard cover for electric piano  
D673208 Guitar body  
D672805 Percussion instrument  
8330029 Enhanced gripping surface for use with plectra and other hand-held implements  
A textured surface for improving grip on plectra and other hand-held implements. A series of parallel ridges serve to frictionally engage thumb and forefinger surfaces and “lock” the grip in place.
D672385 Guitar pick  
D671592 Electric ukulele  
D671124 Guitar pick USB  
D670757 Piano  
D669524 Trumpet bell  
D669116 Electronic keyboard  
D669117 Fingerboard attachment for stringed instruments  
D668712 Drum chamber  
D668709 Keyboard  
D668711 Guitar fret board  
D668710 Electronic keyboard  
D668708 Keyboard  
D668287 Electronic keyboard  
D667867 Electronic keyboard