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D774127 Electronic piano  
D774128 Metal tongue drum  
D773553 Stringed instrument work station  
D772974 Electronic keyboard  
D772975 Guitar body  
D772332 Combined guitar headstock and neck  
D772334 Electronic percussion instrument  
D772333 Kick pad for electronic drum  
D771743 Guitar  
D771742 Trumpet  
D770562 Ukulele body  
D770563 Tuning peg cover  
D770561 Musical wind instrument  
D770564 Cavity drum  
D769365 Bridge for an electronic instrument  
D769364 Adjustable guitar pedalboard  
D769363 Rosin box for stringed instruments  
D768763 Electric guitar  
D768765 Headstock for an electronic instrument  
D768762 Acoustic guitar  
D768764 Electronic instrument  
D768233 Capo  
D768231 Musical tablet  
D768234 Pickup for guitar  
D768232 Combined arrow shaped headstock and tailpiece  
D767666 Guitar body  
D767017 Ergonomic guitar body  
D767016 Electric violin  
D766356 Percussion musical instrument  
D766354 String instrument end pin support  
D766355 Guitar headstock  
D765766 Sound hole tuner for a stringed musical instrument  
D765163 Circular organ  
D764851 Horn-shaped decanter  
D764571 Electronic keyboard  
D764572 Stringed musical instrument bridge  
D763952 Thigh drum  
D763953 Single claw drum display  
D763345 Ukulele body  
D762764 Musical instrument finger button  
D762765 Musical instrument including a reel-like structure  
D761349 Guitar pedal  
D761348 Electronic keyboard  
D760837 Teaching aid  
D760833 Peg head for stringed instrument  
D760832 Piano  
D760314 Guitar head stock  
D759747 Percussion musical instrument  
D759745 Low profile preamplifier  
D759746 Control panel for a musical instrument