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D550274 Portable keyboard  
D549767 Guitar  
D549766 Combined stringed instrument and keyboard  
D549271 Harmonica  
D549272 Guitar  
D548771 Guitar body  
D548271 Keyless saxophone  
D547360 Guitar pick  
D545881 Electric contrabass  
D544767 Combined guitar-shaped bottle opener and pick holder  
D544026 Beam activated musical instrument  
D543579 Tambourine  
D542464 Ukelele lighter  
D541841 Castanet  
D541788 Guitar-shaped speaker  
D541330 Drum apparatus  
D540847 Electric guitar  
D539835 Guitar body  
D539331 Guitar body  
D538838 Cymbal  
D537558 Electronic guitar lighter  
7183473 Ergonomic stringed instrument and ergonomic roundback guitar  
An ergonomic stringed instrument is described, presenting a novel ergonomic design incorporating one or more of an angled waist, provided as part of the waist portion of the stringed instrument...
7176369 Ergonomic rings for drum sticks, method of installation, and method of use  
Ergonomic rings for drum stick, method of installation, and method of use. A pair of resilient rings is installed on a drum stick spaced apart substantially by a distance equal to the width of a...
D536724 Stringed musical instrument  
D536725 Apparatus for supporting a stringed musical instrument  
D536029 Ukulele  
D535321 Guitar pick-up  
D534575 Adjusting bolt seat for a drum  
D534202 Musical instrument digital interface server  
D533212 Guitar body  
D533211 Capo for a stringed musical instrument  
D533209 Saxophone finger keys  
D533210 Guitar headstock  
D530733 Violin body  
D530358 Guitar  
D529942 Kingfish guitar body  
D529069 Electric guitar body and headstock  
D528583 Angelfish guitar body  
D528582 Skateboard shaped guitar  
D527410 Soulfish guitar body  
D527409 Stratofish guitar body  
D527036 Guitar body  
D527037 Motorized page turning device  
D527038 Retractable musician's cord  
D526342 Recorder  
D526343 Saxophone neck  
D526000 Combination bass/guitar  
D525646 Headstock of a stringed musical instrument  
D525645 Saxophone guards  
D523465 Musical instrument with angled key string relationship