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D577379 Musical instrument double plectrum  
D577056 Electronic keyboard instrument  
D576870 Drum rack member clamp  
D577058 String instrument bow grip  
D576664 Musical instrument  
D576165 Portion of a video game controller  
D576200 Coupling rod for a flute operating system  
7417184 Portable guitar pick holder apparatus  
A portable guitar pick holder apparatus. The portable guitar pick holder apparatus includes a receptacle means that includes plural guitar pick storage openings contained therein for storing...
D575327 Spherical drum shell  
D575326 Recessed guitar tuners  
D574415 Musical instrument strap  
D574416 Capo  
D574414 Key rod mounting post for wind instrument  
D574036 Ukulele  
D574037 Guitar practice device  
D573629 Capo  
D573173 Clamping device on fretboard  
D573174 Tambourine  
7396987 Portable keyboard musical instrument  
A versatile portable keyboard musical instrument has a number of separable portions including a first keyboard portion detachable from a second supporting base portion for use alone, or the second...
D572301 Guitar  
D572297 Electronic keyboard musical instrument  
D572300 Electronic keyboard musical instrument  
D572296 Electronic keyboard musical instrument  
D572299 Electronic keyboard musical instrument  
D571851 Amplified percussion drum  
D571850 Instrument decoration  
D571393 Musical instrument body  
D570399 Bridge for a musical instrument  
D569415 Electronic musical instrument with keyboard  
D568925 Guitar  
D568926 Guitar body  
D568927 Guitar headstock  
D568377 Electric guitar  
D568378 Electronic percussion instrument  
D568373 Electronic keyboard instrument  
D568374 Piano lid  
D568376 Guitar  
D567846 Guitar headstock  
D567845 Pick for stringed musical instruments  
D567280 Guitar  
D566749 Drum practice pad  
D566748 Guitar headstock  
D566750 Musical cow bell  
D566166 Guitar body  
D566165 Electronic piano  
D566167 Direct connect guitar amplifier with speaker  
D565641 Piano  
D565093 Electric guitar  
D564575 Dragon tail shaped guitar  
D564576 Guitar pick