Match Document Document Title
D646710 String clamp  
D646320 Acoustic panel  
D646319 Bottle trumpet  
D646274 Guitar controller  
D645468 User interface device  
D645099 Illuminated trumpet toy  
D643870 Adjustable bridge for a stringed instrument  
D643460 Guitar headstock  
D641775 Page turning device  
D641366 Fretboard with buttons for a guitar  
D641392 Damper lever flange for grand piano  
D641035 Guitar body  
D641036 Spring type reverberator  
D639333 Guitar  
D639334 Headless bass guitar  
D637645 Live chords midi machine  
D637190 Guitar controller  
D637224 Music box  
D637223 Guitar pick  
D636812 Guitar bridge  
D636431 Guitar body  
D636430 Damper lever for grand piano  
D636014 Violin shoulder rest  
D636015 Expandable sleeve guitar cord  
D636013 Piano keyboard  
D635609 Silencer for saxophone  
D635182 Guitar neck  
D633554 Harp holder for a harmonica  
D632729 Guitar pick  
D632727 Guitar pick  
D632726 Guitar pick  
D632728 Guitar pick  
D632725 Guitar pick  
D632293 Fretboard with buttons for a guitar  
D631101 Musical instrument  
D630676 Guitar neck  
D630616 Customizable stompbox  
D629836 Guitar  
D629837 Guitar tuner  
D629446 Guitar  
D629037 Guitar head  
D628618 Ukulele  
D628233 Drum  
D628231 Guitar body  
D628232 Guitar headstock  
D627817 Guitar body  
D627816 Axial flow valve  
D626962 Guitar game controller face  
D626991 Triangles fingerboard inlay  
7825315 Pick for playing musical instruments and method of using the pick  
A hand-held pick for playing guitars and other musical instruments includes a pick body and a plurality of string engaging protrusions. The pick body is flexible and may be used in either a...