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D815678 Lens for camera  
D815676 Telescopic lens housing  
D815677 360° panoramic camera  
D815680 Eyeglasses  
D815681 Eyeglasses  
D815679 Stiletto for tripod  
D815187 Eyeglasses  
D815177 Network camera  
D815185 Safety glasses  
D815170 Camera  
D815180 Handle for camera or the like  
D815176 Monitoring camera  
D815172 Camera  
D815186 Eyeglass  
D815181 Camera equipped network door station  
D815178 Monitoring camera  
D815188 Eyeglasses  
D815173 Surveillance camera  
D815182 Lens cover for a projector  
D815175 Security camera housing  
D815190 Sun protection shield for glasses  
D815184 Camera bracket to connect riflescope  
D815183 Camera crane  
D815174 Top-mounted pendant enclosure for spherical camera  
D815189 Eyeglasses  
D815179 Camera  
D815171 Camera  
D815087 Cellphone bracket to connect riflescope  
D814546 Network camera  
D814554 Contact lens insertion and remover device  
D814552 Combined eyeglasses and camera  
D814548 Capture device  
D814550 Collapsible camera crane  
D814551 Foldable reading glasses  
D814547 Surveillance camera  
D814545 Handle for camera or the like  
D814549 Adapter base with ball mount  
D814544 Surveillance camera  
D814553 Eyeglasses  
D814543 Monitoring camera  
D813922 Digital camera  
D813928 Camera housing component with heat dissipation  
D813925 Surveillance camera  
D813923 Camera  
D813924 Gimbal camera  
D813926 Surveillance camera  
D813930 Protective cap for camera  
D813927 Camera globe  
D813934 Interactive digital editing and streaming camera base  
D813932 Image scope