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D779574 Digital camera  
D779349 Laser range finder  
D779576 Instant camera  
D779581 Eyeglasses  
D779579 Camera support  
D779578 Flash apparatus  
D779582 Eyeglasses  
D779580 Attachable audio interface apparatus for mobile devices and digital cameras  
D779575 Digital camera  
D779577 Instant camera  
D779583 Set of eyeglass components  
D779573 Mobile 3D viewer  
D778974 Waterproof LED action camera light  
D778977 Eyeglasses  
D778975 Tripod for an electronic device  
D778973 Compact camera  
D778976 Contact lens  
D778978 Spectacles  
D778979 Temples for spectacles  
D778339 Eyeglass component  
D778338 Camera mount handle  
D778341 Portions of an eyeglass  
D778335 Camera  
D778337 Button assembly  
D778334 Lens for light emitting diode  
D778340 Eyeglass  
D778333 Lens for light emitting diode  
D778332 Lens for light emitting diode  
D778336 Camera housing  
D777827 Eyeglasses  
D777821 Camera housing  
D777826 Goggle  
D777824 Sleep mask  
D777825 Chain with foldable glasses  
D777819 Monitoring camera  
D777823 Micro projector module  
D777828 Eyeglasses  
D777818 Box enclosure for a camera  
D777817 Enclosure for a camera  
D777822 Hybrid effects projector, scanner and laser simulator lighting device with adjustable mounting bracket  
D777820 Video camera  
D777829 Eyeglasses  
D777233 Digital camera  
D777234 Camera  
D777242 Automatically shading goggles  
D777238 Light source device for projector  
D777240 Camera socket mount adapter  
D777237 Filter frame for a camera  
D777236 Camera  
D777239 Camera housing ball mount