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D835174 Slide projector  
D835180 Eyewear  
D835170 Borescopes  
D835179 Sunglasses  
D835171 Reflecting-mirror exchanger for telescope  
D835175 Camera gimbal  
D835169 Robot  
D835177 Eyewear device  
D835172 Digital camera  
D835178 Eyewear  
D835173 Mini projector  
D835176 Pair of eyeglasses  
D834634 Camera device  
D834632 Monitoring camera housing  
D834629 Reticle  
D834637 Universal lens adapter  
D834633 Camera housing  
D834628 Eyeglass lenses  
D834631 Surveillance camera  
D834636 Projector  
D834476 Rear view mirror equipped with a driving recorder  
D834630 Surveillance camera  
D834635 Mini projector  
D834087 Goggle  
D834083 Balloon with video camera  
D834085 Surveillance camera for an automobile  
D834086 Electrochromic eyewear  
D834084 Camera  
D833517 Eyeglass flag clip  
D833509 Camera adapter  
D833503 Spherical camera  
D833511 Camera mount  
D833510 Screen for projector  
D833512 Spectacles  
D833670 Progressive fresnel lens element  
D833504 Surveillance camera enclosure  
D833508 Camera filter frame  
D833506 Hunting camera  
D833505 Sports camera  
D833507 Action camera  
D833514 Hinge and temple for eyeglasses  
D833513 Sunglasses  
D833501 Opera glasses with watch  
D833500 Pair of augmented reality smart glasses  
D833502 Monitoring camera  
D833515 Hinge for eyeglasses  
D833516 Hinge for eyeglasses  
D832913 Bracket  
D832908 Digital camera  
D832726 Gimbal