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D864279 Webcam cover  
D864275 Camera  
D864278 Sports camera  
D864285 Goggles  
D864282 Tripod  
D864280 Support head for video-photographic apparatus  
D864273 Digital camera body  
D864137 Care apparatus  
D864277 Security camera  
D864284 Digital welding goggle  
D864274 Camera  
D864281 Selfie stick  
D864276 Baby monitor camera  
D864283 Audio eyeglasses  
D864272 Camcorder  
D863390 Ophthalmic lens  
D863399 Solar cell camera  
D863405 Digital camera  
D863413 Instant photograph print  
D863397 Camera  
D863404 Camera  
D863406 Camera stand  
D863416 Convertible glasses  
D863391 Microscope  
D863407 Micro projector  
D863412 Handle of a stabilizer  
D863410 Privacy clip  
D863408 Projector  
D863411 Stabilizer  
D863393 Prism for 360-degree panoramic image projection  
D863414 Safety eyewear  
D863401 Surveillance camera enclosure  
D863394 Camera  
D863400 Surveillance camera  
D863395 Digital camera  
D863402 Security camera  
D863403 Camera  
D863396 Digital camera body  
D863409 Projector equipped with a lamp  
D863415 Eyeglasses  
D863392 Lens  
D863398 Camera  
D862573 Glasses  
D862572 Eyewear  
D862575 Glasses  
D862556 Microscope  
D862565 Stand-alone imager unit  
D862558 Optical sight  
D862562 Transparent cover for a camera  
D862574 Glasses