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D846018 Eyeglasses  
D845795 Range finder  
D846019 Pair of eyeglasses  
D846017 Projector  
D846014 Binoculars  
D846013 Surgical microscope  
D846015 Water effect lens  
D846016 Prism for 360-degree panoramic image projection  
D845378 Clamp for digital products  
D845380 Eyewear  
D845377 Battery grip for digital still cameras  
D845375 Projector  
D845379 Novelty eyeglasses with interchangeable caps  
D845381 Eyewear  
D845382 Eyewear  
D845376 Photography equipment mounting frame  
D845374 Mini DLP console projector  
D845373 Casing  
D844691 Eyeglasses  
D844687 Condenser lens  
D844690 Camera stand  
D844688 Magnifier head  
D844689 Gimbal lock  
D844043 Projector  
D844044 Quick attach accessory mount  
D843429 Confocal microscope  
D843434 Spring-loaded dash camera mounting clip  
D843433 Pan and tilt body with device mounting clamp  
D843430 Magnifier  
D843435 Pan and tilt body with device mounting clamp on a tripod  
D843432 Lens for camera  
D843440 Eyeglasses  
D843438 Pair of sunglasses  
D843431 Camera  
D843437 Lens stack  
D843436 Eyeglass component  
D843439 Eyeglasses  
D842920 Photography shooting box  
D842914 Monitoring camera  
D842919 Camera lens controller  
D842912 Magnifying glass  
D842916 Baby monitor camera  
D842918 Lens for camera  
D842915 Baby monitor camera  
D842922 Eyeglasses  
D842917 Camera  
D842913 Photographic camera  
D842921 Eyeglasses  
D842923 Temple tip of eyeglasses  
D842364 Eyeglasses