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D787579 Calibration pattern sheet  
D787581 Monitoring camera  
D787582 Eyeglass  
D787580 Camera module  
D786957 Eyewear  
D786956 Eyewear  
D786954 Camera lens  
D786955 Component of a mount for a digital video camera  
D786958 Antiglare glasses  
D786875 Adapter for mounting optical equipment to mobile computer  
D786334 Eyewear  
D786331 Camera assembly  
D786336 Frame for sunglasses  
D786255 Adapter for mounting optical equipment to mobile computer  
D786330 Monitoring camera  
D786328 Magnifying glass  
D786335 Eyewear  
D786332 Safety goggle  
D786329 Electronic camera  
D786327 Illuminating magnifier apparatus  
D786333 Eyeglass  
D785692 Image capturing device  
D785690 Microscope housing  
D785689 Eyewear lens  
D785699 Goggle  
D785698 Carrier  
D785696 Camera frame  
D785693 Self-standing camera  
D785691 Optical lens  
D785695 Camera  
D785694 Photo booth  
D785697 Camera housing ball mount  
D785700 Portions of an eyeglass  
D785069 Camera housing  
D785077 Spectacle  
D785067 Camera  
D785075 Multifunction spectacles  
D785078 Set of spectacle frame arms  
D785068 Camera housing  
D785066 Camera device  
D785070 Camera rig  
D785071 Portable screen  
D785079 Set of eyeglass components  
D785072 Mount for a digital video camera  
D785076 Diving mask  
D785174 Body of a camera for medical use  
D785074 Camera mountable arm  
D785176 Intraoral camera  
D785073 Gimbal  
D785065 Magnifier