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D777824 Sleep mask  
D777825 Chain with foldable glasses  
D777819 Monitoring camera  
D777823 Micro projector module  
D777828 Eyeglasses  
D777818 Box enclosure for a camera  
D777817 Enclosure for a camera  
D777822 Hybrid effects projector, scanner and laser simulator lighting device with adjustable mounting bracket  
D777820 Video camera  
D777829 Eyeglasses  
D777233 Digital camera  
D777234 Camera  
D777242 Automatically shading goggles  
D777238 Light source device for projector  
D777240 Camera socket mount adapter  
D777237 Filter frame for a camera  
D777236 Camera  
D777239 Camera housing ball mount  
D777118 Combined touchpad, operating knobs and display module for electrical control device  
D777235 Surveillance camera  
D777232 Camera device  
D777241 Camera ball and socket mount adapter arm  
D776745 Long bite mount  
D776738 Camera housing  
D776751 Interchangeable eyewear assembly  
D776744 Laser beam projector  
D776752 Eyeglass temple  
D776743 Digital camera  
D776749 Adjustable glasses  
D776740 Camera  
D776741 Camera dive housing  
D776750 Customizable eyewear  
D776739 Surveillance camera  
D776736 Reading magnifier  
D776747 Mount for cameras and cinematographic apparatus  
D776746 Short bite mount  
D776748 Sleep aide headband with restraining strap for stabilizing a passenger'S head to permit sleep  
D776737 Lens cap  
D776742 Lens for camera  
D776183 Video camera  
D776185 Digital camera  
D776186 Light for video, cinematographic and/or photographic (including flash) use  
D776179 Spectacle glass  
D776181 Camera  
D776187 Goggle system  
D776182 Camera  
D776184 Camera  
D776180 Video gateway device  
D775679 Smart media box with lens and microphones  
D775686 Eyeglasses frame