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D792499 Eye glasses  
D792496 Camera  
D792498 Protective cover for glasses  
D792259 Fluid level indicator  
D792497 Attachable smartphone camera  
D792500 Charm mount  
D791760 Holder  
D791848 Sports video camera  
D791854 Stereoscopic viewer  
D791853 Shift adapter for lenses  
D791856 Camera mount  
D791850 Video camera  
D791629 Fluid level indicator  
D791858 Contact lens inserter  
D791857 Pocket reading glasses  
D791851 Video camera  
D791852 Compact WiFi spotting scope and camera  
D791855 Projection display  
D791849 Video camera  
D791218 Spectacles  
D791210 Digital still and motion camera  
D791216 Carrier  
D791368 LED lamp for ceiling with a projector  
D791209 Smart camera  
D791211 Digital camera  
D791213 Projector  
D791367 LED lamp with a projector  
D791217 Carrier with image capturing device  
D791212 Digital camera  
D791219 Buoy badge for a swim goggle  
D791215 Cylindrical camera charging base  
D791214 Beam projector  
D790621 Lamp for projector  
D790622 Eyewear  
D790619 Magnifier with lighting arrangement  
D790620 Compact camera  
D790000 Camera with gimbal  
D789999 Video camera body  
D790001 Camera  
D790003 Projector  
D790002 Camera  
D789435 Camera  
D789441 Fashion accessory  
D789438 Remote controller  
D789437 Projector  
D789433 Contact lens with optical effect  
D789436 Pressure fit focus gear  
D789434 Digital camera  
D789439 Specimen photography apparatus  
D789440 Portions of eyeglass components