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D800208 Eyeglasses  
D800201 Camera  
D800200 Digital camera  
D800207 Camera mount  
D799586 Set of eyeglass components  
D799576 Microscope  
D799584 Spectacles frame  
D799587 Set of eyeglass components  
D799585 Eyeglass component  
D799583 Half-frame glasses  
D799579 Projector  
D799581 Camera gimbal  
D799582 Integrated swim cap and goggles  
D799577 Dark field illumination device for microscope  
D799578 Camera lens filter with traction frame  
D799580 Light meter  
D798752 Focal plate for surveying instrument  
D798942 Mount for camera or the like  
D798938 Mount for controller or the like  
D798939 Camera pole mount  
D798945 Eyeglass component  
D798930 Multi-camera mount  
D798929 Camera  
D798933 Dome camera  
D798936 Photo booth  
D798937 Electronic view finder  
D798934 Dome camera  
D798946 Set of eyeglass components  
D798932 Surveillance camera  
D798943 Handle with gimbal for camera or the like  
D798941 Mount for camera or the like  
D798985 12MAG 17 HMR rim fire reticle  
D798940 Camera pole mount  
D798944 Decorative nose bridge and lower frame elements on safety eye wear  
D798931 Surveillance camera  
D798935 Camera  
D798362 Wall-mounted pendant enclosure for a spherical camera  
D798357 Clover optic  
D798359 Surveillance camera mount  
D798375 Eyeglass nose pads  
D798412 12MAG 22 WMR rim fire reticle  
D798414 9MAG 17 MACH 2 rim fire reticle  
D798371 Eyeglass  
D798360 Camera for network  
D798369 Camera mount  
D798363 Electronic view finder  
D798361 Surveillance camera  
D798358 Wall-mounted pendant enclosure for a spherical camera  
D798356 Combined switch panel and housing for a night vision device  
D798374 Eyeglass component