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D802645 Floodlight controller with camera  
D802646 Camera  
D802649 Camera attachment anchor  
D802648 Projector  
D802651 Eyeglass component  
D802643 Magnifier  
D802644 Digital camera  
D802650 Remote control for camera  
D802647 Camera stand  
D802048 Head-mounted display  
D802044 Panoramic camera  
D802046 Hololens frame  
D802043 Surveillance camera  
D802045 Depth of field adapter  
D802047 Eyeglass  
D802042 Camera and mount assembly for a vehicle  
D801404 Camera module  
D801422 Protective cover for glasses  
D801408 Flying camera  
D801406 Surveillance camera  
D801416 Camera support tripod  
D801410 Controller for surveillance camera  
D801415 Camera bracket  
D801405 Surveillance camera  
D801412 Projector  
D801425 Set of eyeglass components  
D801421 Protective cover for glasses  
D801417 Audio eyewear  
D801424 Protective cover for glasses  
D801409 Camera  
D801411 Projector  
D801407 Monitoring camera  
D801423 Protective cover for glasses  
D801419 Novelty eyeglasses  
D801414 Mounting stand for portable camera  
D801420 Eyeglasses  
D801403 Camera  
D801418 Glasses for watching stereoscopic images  
D801413 Coupling mount for portable camera  
D800825 Goggles  
D800826 Spectacle  
D800827 Spectacle  
D800820 Camera controller device  
D800828 Set of eyeglass components  
D800818 Camera housing  
D800819 Camera dive housing  
D800824 Camera stand base  
D800817 360 degree optical device  
D800814 Mount for surgical microscope  
D800822 Camera mount