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D813928 Camera housing component with heat dissipation  
D813925 Surveillance camera  
D813923 Camera  
D813924 Gimbal camera  
D813926 Surveillance camera  
D813930 Protective cap for camera  
D813927 Camera globe  
D813934 Interactive digital editing and streaming camera base  
D813932 Image scope  
D813921 Camera globe in open configuration  
D813931 Camera module  
D813929 Camera housing component with heat dissipation  
D813933 Video projector  
D813935 Hinge for spectacles  
D813290 Camera  
D813292 Camera mounted virtual reality sensor  
D813288 Camera  
D813291 Monitoring camera  
D813293 Posing pod for baby  
D813289 Camera  
D813294 Eyewear  
D813286 Lens  
D813287 Camera  
D812668 Camera with solar panel  
D812669 Vehicle surveillance camera  
D812665 Microscope housing  
D812671 3D imaging system  
D812674 Table with image and projector  
D812667 Video camera  
D812673 Monitoring camera  
D812676 Sleep device  
D812672 Body camera  
D812664 Microscope stand  
D812670 Monitoring camera  
D812675 Photography reflector holder  
D812666 Magnifier with lighting arrangement  
D812123 Camera with projector  
D812124 Camera stand  
D812125 Camera mount  
D812129 Eye glass frame  
D812126 Camera pole mount  
D812128 Lighting spectacles  
D812127 Head-mounted display device  
D811464 Video camera  
D811459 Borescope  
D811468 Eyeglasses  
D811463 Mobile CCTV  
D811460 Vertical support member and stand base of a microscope stand  
D811466 Camera with handle  
D811469 Eyeglasses