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D809043 Electronic camera  
D809053 Adapter base with ball mount  
D809042 Eyeglass lens  
D809056 Eyewear textured gripping surfaces  
D809047 Monitoring camera  
D809046 Camera  
D809050 Digital camera  
D809045 Camera  
D809054 Camera mount  
D809055 Swimming goggles with retroscopic lens  
D809052 Suction mount for portable camera  
D809048 Monitoring camera  
D809049 Panoramic camera  
D808454 Interactive camera device  
D808456 Micro projector (no screen / mobile television-FSP6)  
D808455 Video recorder for a car  
D808458 Gimbal  
D808457 Webcam cover  
D807941 Electronic camera  
D807939 Accessory for a camera lens  
D807944 Interactive digital editing and streaming camera  
D807942 Surveillance camera  
D807949 Eyeglasses  
D807946 Clip for lighting production use  
D807947 Sliding webcam cover  
D807945 Lamp unit for projector  
D807940 Digital camera  
D807938 Over-the-ear camera  
D807948 Receiving element of a camera stand  
D807943 Camera for photograph vending machine  
D807937 Peep hole cover  
D807421 Tripod for a camera  
D807422 Eyeglasses  
D807420 Lamp unit for a projector  
D806773 Camera  
D806776 Video projector  
D806779 Chest mount for portable camera  
D806772 Bulb-shaped surveillance camera  
D806775 Camera  
D806780 Floatable selfie stick for portable camera  
D806774 Monitoring camera  
D806781 Eye glasses retainer  
D806778 Coupling screw for portable camera  
D806771 Digital camera  
D806470 Bottle charm  
D806777 Projector  
D806155 Camera  
D806156 Camera  
D806318 Digital welding goggle  
D806154 Video camera