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D819113 Dashboard camera  
D819109 Waterproof case for a camera  
D819106 Video camera  
D818515 Camera unit  
D818512 Spotting scope  
D818516 Document camera  
D818522 Pair of eyeglasses  
D818517 Carry strap bracket for a camera  
D818521 Eyeglasses  
D818514 Monitoring camera  
D818519 Set of eyeglass components  
D818520 Magnifying glass  
D818518 Pan/tilt mount for a camera  
D818513 Combined remote communication and audio video recording device  
D818031 Google component  
D818023 Video camera  
D818021 Smart glass  
D818024 Panoramic camera  
D818029 Digital camera  
D818028 Camera  
D818027 Camera  
D818025 Wearable camera  
D818026 Camera  
D818032 Eyeglasses  
D818022 Climbing glasses  
D818033 Spectacle arm  
D818030 Visor  
D817381 LED projector  
D817379 Camera unit  
D817376 Spotting scope  
D817378 Monitoring camera  
D817377 Housing for a camera  
D817382 Camera mount  
RE46822 Monitoring camera  
D817380 Camera unit  
D816755 Surveillance camera  
D816760 Stand  
D816752 Camera  
D816756 Panorama camera  
D816749 Binoculars  
D816759 Camera harness  
D816751 Camera housing  
D816795 Spotting scope  
D816761 Eyewear  
D816758 Thumb screw for accessory devices for a portable camera  
D816757 Digital camera body of lens replacing type  
D816754 Digital camera body of lens replacing type  
D816750 Binoculars  
D816753 Camcorder  
D816150 Gimbal with camera