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D826312 Eyeglasses  
D826308 Camera  
D826314 Eyeglasses  
D826313 Sunglasses  
D826304 Stand and pivot unit  
D826309 Camera  
D826311 Eyewear  
D826306 Video camera  
D826398 Container holder with a camera  
D825645 Sunglasses  
D825638 Dome camera with pendant adapter  
D825637 Surveillance camera  
D825636 Video camera  
D825643 Mount for electronic devices  
D825633 Contact lens  
D825641 Lens for television camera  
D825646 Sunglasses  
D825642 Camera mount  
D825640 Monitoring camera  
D825635 Magnifier  
D825639 Surface-mountable housing for a security camera  
D825644 Swimming goggles  
D825634 Contact lens  
D824981 Contact lens  
D824983 Wearable camera  
D824987 Rearview mirror dual-camera unit  
D824982 Wearable camera  
D824984 Camera  
D824992 Eyeglasses  
D824985 Camera housing with mount  
D824990 Camera mount  
D824991 Light shield  
D824989 Holder for electronic cameras  
D824988 Rearview mirror dual-camera unit  
D824986 Web camera  
D824451 Sunglasses  
D824450 Temple-held sunglasses  
D824447 Network camera  
D824449 Handle for camera or the like  
D824446 Camera  
D824448 Camera housing  
D824445 Microscope  
D824452 Eyeglass support assembly  
D824444 Contact lens  
D824443 Contact lens  
D823919 Monitoring camera  
D823922 Surveillance camera  
D823931 Set of eyeglass components  
D823925 Base for camera mount  
D823933 Spectacles temple extension