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D784441 Goggle  
D784434 Camera housing  
D784436 Recorder for surveillance camera  
D784440 Sunglasses having a bra shaped frame  
D784438 Camera mount  
D784435 Surveillance camera  
D784433 Microscope  
D783706 Eyeglasses  
D783705 Spectacles  
D783703 Eyewear  
D783704 Eyeglasses  
D783702 Sunglasses  
D783697 Lens  
D783700 Camera lens  
D783763 Optical sight reticle  
D783696 Shield attachable to frame  
D783764 Optical device reticle for rocket propelled grenade scope or other projectile-weapon aiming device  
D783699 Microscope pivot unit  
D783698 Eyeglass lens  
D783707 Set of eyeglass components  
D783708 Set of eyeglass components  
D783701 Extending camera support  
D783083 Set of eyeglass components  
D783082 Spectacle arm  
D783077 Vibration arrestor for compact camera  
D783080 Eyeglass  
D783081 Eyeglass  
D783079 Camera arm mount  
D783078 Interchangeable lens for camera  
D783076 Camera  
D783074 Camera  
D783073 Binocular  
D783072 Microscope  
D783071 Eyeglass lens  
D783075 Camera assembly of a video communication set  
D782557 Monitoring camera  
D782556 Digital camera  
D782564 Fit over glasses  
D782554 Microscope straddle stand  
D782563 Glass frame  
D782341 Glare tester device  
D782560 Dashboard camera  
D782561 Replaceable cover for a camera  
D782562 Webcam cover  
D782558 Document camera  
D782464 Mobile device accessory with flexible neck  
D782559 Photo booth  
D782555 Microscope image sending unit housing  
D781952 Eyewear  
D781948 Photographic imaging system