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D762257 Camera pistol handle  
D762131 Presence sensor device  
D761988 Camera light  
D761896 Optical component  
D761897 Pair of pivotal nose pad assemblies  
D761898 Set of eyeglass components  
D761796 Wearable display device  
D761912 Combined electronic display/screen with camera  
D761795 Wearable display device  
D761340 Cylindrical camera  
D761341 Surveillance camera  
D761342 Light bulb type video camera  
D761343 Cylindrical camera pan and tilt base  
D761346 Temple sleeve  
D761345 Disposable protective glasses  
D761347 Eyeglass fittings  
D761344 Goggles frame  
D760829 Cylindrical camera  
D760831 Dog goggle frame  
D760830 Projector yoke fixture  
D760312 Camera  
D760310 Cylindrical camera  
D760313 Full immersive shield for smart glasses  
D760311 Rearview camera  
D760309 Camera  
D759621 Video communication set  
D759744 Eyeblack glass frames  
D759743 Sighting device  
D759742 Digital camera  
D759142 Surveillance camera  
D759144 Rearview camera  
D759143 Headband camera with lens cover  
D759140 Rubber band device  
D759145 Camera  
D758984 Video phone set  
D759146 Handheld optical transmission-conversion device for producing a magnified image  
D759150 Frame of an eyewear  
D759141 Camera housing  
D759151 Set of eyeglass components  
D759149 Decorative eyeglass  
D759148 Sports visual zone training apparatus  
D759147 Camera mount  
D758228 Sight glass for refrigeration valve  
D758467 Camera device  
D758471 Optical transmission-conversion device for producing a magnified image  
D758475 Floatable eyewear  
D758474 Camera mount  
D758469 Digital camera  
D758472 Camera mount for collapsible camera crane  
D758476 Clip-on lens carrier for smart eyewear