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D790000 Camera with gimbal  
D789999 Video camera body  
D790001 Camera  
D790003 Projector  
D790002 Camera  
D789435 Camera  
D789441 Fashion accessory  
D789438 Remote controller  
D789437 Projector  
D789433 Contact lens with optical effect  
D789436 Pressure fit focus gear  
D789434 Digital camera  
D789439 Specimen photography apparatus  
D789440 Portions of eyeglass components  
D788831 Borescope  
D788833 Magnifying glass  
D788834 Doorbell camera  
D788837 Lamp unit for a projector  
D788836 Lens for television camera  
D788835 Camera  
D788607 Motion sensor  
D788830 Contact lens with optical effect  
D788832 Clip on galilean binocular magnifier  
D788208 Multi-camera rig  
D788205 Camera lens clip  
D788201 Borescope  
D788206 Camera mount  
D788202 Lens  
D788209 Adjustable optical assembly  
D788203 Filter frame for a camera  
D788210 Plate for an arm for glasses  
D788207 Freestanding floor mount for a monitoring camera  
D788204 Projector  
D788200 Contact lens with optical effect  
D787579 Calibration pattern sheet  
D787581 Monitoring camera  
D787582 Eyeglass  
D787580 Camera module  
D786957 Eyewear  
D786956 Eyewear  
D786954 Camera lens  
D786955 Component of a mount for a digital video camera  
D786958 Antiglare glasses  
D786875 Adapter for mounting optical equipment to mobile computer  
D786334 Eyewear  
D786331 Camera assembly  
D786336 Frame for sunglasses  
D786255 Adapter for mounting optical equipment to mobile computer  
D786330 Monitoring camera  
D786328 Magnifying glass