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D765756 Monitor camera  
D765753 Optical lens  
D765754 Wafer level focus lens assembly  
D765162 Arya sunglasses  
D765161 Frame for sunglasses  
D765160 Attachment for camera  
D764568 Eyeglass  
D764559 Camera  
D764339 Camera bracelet  
D764565 Universal camera mount  
D764564 Camera mount  
D764563 Projector  
D764569 Frame for sunglasses  
D764558 Optical block  
D764561 Camera  
D764560 Camera  
D764570 Frame for sunglasses  
D764567 Camera mount  
D764562 Camera lens  
D764566 Camera mount  
D763948 Frame for sunglasses  
D763945 Eyeglass  
D763947 Eyeglasses  
D763941 Camera case  
D763942 Camera lens  
D763946 Eyeglass  
D763951 Portions of eyeglass components  
D763944 Eyeglass  
D763943 Eyeglasses  
D763950 Set of eyeglass components  
D763938 Optical sensor array  
D763831 Speaker LED light ring  
D763939 Optical sensor array liner with optical sensor array pad  
D763940 Handheld electronic magnifier for low vision users  
D763949 Set of eyeglass components  
D763342 Grip for digital camera  
D763344 Glasses for a visual prosthesis  
D763343 Camera mount  
D763341 Surveillance camera  
D763340 Optical component  
D762760 Camera  
D762501 Presence sensor device  
D762762 Video camera dock  
D762759 Camera  
D762761 Apparatus for holographic video conferencing  
D762763 Head mounted device  
D762500 Presence sensor device  
D762130 Presence sensor device  
D762132 Presence sensor device  
D762256 Projector