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D774589 Eyeglasses frame  
D774584 Camera module  
D774582 Folding magnifier  
D774587 Projector  
D774590 Eyeglass  
D774586 Projector  
D774591 Eye glasses tether  
D774123 Goggle  
D774119 Portable electronic camera  
D774126 Spectacle arm  
D774121 Sunglasses kit  
D774122 Chain with pendant glasses  
D774125 Eyeglasses frame  
D774124 Eyeglasses frame  
D774120 Camera  
D773550 Projector  
D773546 Camera  
D773551 Camera mount  
D773549 Planetarium projector  
D773548 Projector  
D773545 Digital camera  
D773552 Night goggles  
D773547 Camera  
D772966 Camera  
D772971 Stand for electronic device  
D772972 Hand grip  
D772681 Tool handle  
D772969 Camera harness  
D772967 Combined surveillance camera and housing  
D772973 Eyewear  
D772970 Mounting clip for a bicycle  
D772968 Beam projector with communication function  
D772327 Decorative child protective eyewear  
D772323 Camera housing  
D772322 Waterproof case for camera  
D772328 Eyeglasses frame  
D772326 Stand  
D772324 Monitoring camera  
D772330 Eyeglasses frame  
D772325 Surveillance camera  
D772331 Eyeglasses  
D772329 Eyeglasses frame  
D771740 Accessory for eyeglass frames  
D771733 Platform  
D771731 Interchangeable lens for camera  
D771732 Optical phone mount  
D771741 Solar face shield  
D771730 Interchangeable lens for camera  
D771735 Spectacle frame for measuring bio-signal  
D771739 Eyeglass