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D780828 Sunglasses  
D780822 Lens for camera  
D780824 Transfer docking station for a portable camera  
D780823 Projector  
D780821 Lens holder  
D780737 Telephone handset  
D780608 Remote site monitoring station  
D780818 Microscope  
D780830 Sunglasses  
D780820 Lens  
D780825 Wireless wearable gimbal  
D780831 Eye glasses  
D780819 Microscope  
D780826 Mount  
D780829 Sunglasses  
D780545 Bottle opener sunglass strap  
D780827 Camera socket mount adapter  
D779994 Camera bracelet  
D780243 Binocular  
D780244 Camera  
D780248 Extending camera support  
D779995 Camera bracelet  
D780245 Camera  
D780252 Glasses  
D780251 Shield glasses  
D780249 Mouthpiece mount  
D779981 Laser range finder  
D780253 Full-frame glasses  
D780250 Face mask  
D780246 Camera  
D780247 Extending camera support  
D779574 Digital camera  
D779349 Laser range finder  
D779576 Instant camera  
D779581 Eyeglasses  
D779579 Camera support  
D779578 Flash apparatus  
D779582 Eyeglasses  
D779580 Attachable audio interface apparatus for mobile devices and digital cameras  
D779575 Digital camera  
D779577 Instant camera  
D779583 Set of eyeglass components  
D779573 Mobile 3D viewer  
D778974 Waterproof LED action camera light  
D778977 Eyeglasses  
D778975 Tripod for an electronic device  
D778973 Compact camera  
D778976 Contact lens  
D778978 Spectacles  
D778979 Temples for spectacles