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D797178 Camera support device  
D797174 Eyeglass temple bending device  
D797180 Eyeglass  
D796567 Enclosure for a camera  
D796569 Digital camera device  
D796571 Ball head of a portable stand for an electronic device  
D796570 Projector  
D796566 Enclosure for a camera  
D796565 Camera  
D796482 Gimbal with handle  
D796621 TMX reticle  
D796568 Enclosure for a camera  
D795945 Waterproof camera case  
D795943 Bullet camera with shroud  
D795941 Camera  
D795950 Eyewear  
D795944 Bullet camera  
D795946 Camera with handle  
D795709 Camera watch  
D795948 Eyewear  
D795952 Virtual reality glasses  
D795939 Digital camera  
D795947 Video camera  
D795940 Camera  
D795949 Eyewear  
D795942 Bullet camera with shroud  
D795937 Camera device  
D795938 Camera  
D795951 Pince-nez  
D795332 Goggles  
D795327 Bike mount for portable camera  
D795322 Optical element  
D795333 Goggles  
D795323 Apparatus for capturing images of gemstones  
D795331 Eyeglasses  
D795326 Adhesive mount for portable camera  
D795330 Eyeglass component  
D795328 Bar mount for portable camera  
D795324 Digital camera  
D795329 Back-up mount restraint for portable camera  
D795325 Camera  
D794695 Video camera  
D794697 Expansion module for a camera  
D794696 Camera  
D794703 Combination eyeglass retainer and earplug holder  
D794701 Goggles  
D794698 Sided handle for a camera  
D794693 Digital camera  
D794699 Tripod and monopod combo  
D794702 Eyewear stem protection