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D776749 Adjustable glasses  
D776740 Camera  
D776741 Camera dive housing  
D776750 Customizable eyewear  
D776739 Surveillance camera  
D776736 Reading magnifier  
D776747 Mount for cameras and cinematographic apparatus  
D776746 Short bite mount  
D776748 Sleep aide headband with restraining strap for stabilizing a passenger'S head to permit sleep  
D776737 Lens cap  
D776742 Lens for camera  
D776183 Video camera  
D776185 Digital camera  
D776186 Light for video, cinematographic and/or photographic (including flash) use  
D776179 Spectacle glass  
D776181 Camera  
D776187 Goggle system  
D776182 Camera  
D776184 Camera  
D776180 Video gateway device  
D775679 Smart media box with lens and microphones  
D775686 Eyeglasses frame  
D775678 Vertical prism bar  
D775514 Strap connector  
D775681 Projector  
D775684 Stand assembly  
D775680 Interchangeable lens for camera  
D775682 Holder for a portable electronic device  
D775685 Eyewear  
D775683 Connector pin  
D775262 Eyeglass frame  
D775264 Eyeglasses  
D775254 Camera  
D775260 Sleep mask with compartment for wireless speaker system  
D775263 Eyeglasses  
D775258 Combined camera and housing  
D775111 Mount for electronic devices  
D775257 Shade for a camera  
D775253 Digital camera  
D775267 Eyeglasses  
D775259 Attachable condenser microphone apparatus for digital single lense reflex camera and camcorders with optional recording device  
D775266 Eyeglasses  
D775261 Goggles adapted to receive a device  
D775255 Camera  
D775265 Eyeglasses  
D775256 Digital camera  
D774588 Ski goggle frame  
D774583 Camera housing  
D774585 Combined camera and housing  
D774581 Magnifier for a hand-held device