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D771171 Reticle for an optical device  
D771173 Housing for surveillance camera  
D770554 Portable beam projector  
D770560 Portion of an eyeglass component  
D770552 Flexible optic  
D770556 Camera adapter  
D770553 Video camera  
D770558 Sonar glasses  
D770557 Tripod claw foot  
D770559 Eyeglass  
D770555 Surveillance camera cover  
D769870 Dog statue enclosure for wireless telemetry device  
D769960 Smart phone holder of exterior add-on camera  
D769959 Attachable one piece microphone apparatus for mobile hands free camera  
D769956 Combined camera and housing  
D769955 Viewfinder  
D769963 Set of eyeglass components  
D769962 Eyeglasses  
D769961 Spray painter eyewear  
D769957 Combined camera and housing  
D769958 Projector  
D769348 Mobile terminal  
D769362 Eyeglasses  
D769361 Eyeglasses  
D769359 Eyeglasses  
D769346 Camera  
D769347 Combined camera and housing  
D769358 Eyeglasses  
D769349 Projector  
D769344 Combined surveillance camera and housing  
D769355 Eyeglasses  
D769357 Eyeglasses  
D769350 Sport goggle  
D769354 Eyeglasses  
D769353 Eyeglasses  
D769345 Surveillance camera  
D769351 Eyeglasses  
D769356 Eyeglasses  
D769360 Eyeglasses  
D769352 Eyeglasses  
D768748 Eyeglass lens  
D768755 Camera mount  
D768760 Eyeglasses  
D768750 Throwable camera  
D768754 Camera pole mount  
D768757 Camera mount  
D768751 Camera chassis  
D768747 Eyeglass lens  
D768749 Camera body  
D768759 Eyeglasses