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D801423 Protective cover for glasses  
D801419 Novelty eyeglasses  
D801414 Mounting stand for portable camera  
D801420 Eyeglasses  
D801403 Camera  
D801418 Glasses for watching stereoscopic images  
D801413 Coupling mount for portable camera  
D800825 Goggles  
D800826 Spectacle  
D800827 Spectacle  
D800820 Camera controller device  
D800828 Set of eyeglass components  
D800818 Camera housing  
D800819 Camera dive housing  
D800824 Camera stand base  
D800817 360 degree optical device  
D800814 Mount for surgical microscope  
D800822 Camera mount  
D800823 Camera harness  
D800816 Digital camera  
D800821 Electronic device wrist mount  
D800815 Camera housing  
D800204 Camera mount  
D800206 Tripod for camera  
D800205 Camera mount  
D800203 Interchangeable lens for camera  
D800202 Sports camera  
D800208 Eyeglasses  
D800201 Camera  
D800200 Digital camera  
D800207 Camera mount  
D799586 Set of eyeglass components  
D799576 Microscope  
D799584 Spectacles frame  
D799587 Set of eyeglass components  
D799585 Eyeglass component  
D799583 Half-frame glasses  
D799579 Projector  
D799581 Camera gimbal  
D799582 Integrated swim cap and goggles  
D799577 Dark field illumination device for microscope  
D799578 Camera lens filter with traction frame  
D799580 Light meter  
D798752 Focal plate for surveying instrument  
D798942 Mount for camera or the like  
D798938 Mount for controller or the like  
D798939 Camera pole mount  
D798945 Eyeglass component  
D798930 Multi-camera mount  
D798929 Camera