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D798940 Camera pole mount  
D798944 Decorative nose bridge and lower frame elements on safety eye wear  
D798931 Surveillance camera  
D798935 Camera  
D798362 Wall-mounted pendant enclosure for a spherical camera  
D798357 Clover optic  
D798359 Surveillance camera mount  
D798375 Eyeglass nose pads  
D798412 12MAG 22 WMR rim fire reticle  
D798414 9MAG 17 MACH 2 rim fire reticle  
D798371 Eyeglass  
D798360 Camera for network  
D798369 Camera mount  
D798363 Electronic view finder  
D798361 Surveillance camera  
D798358 Wall-mounted pendant enclosure for a spherical camera  
D798356 Combined switch panel and housing for a night vision device  
D798374 Eyeglass component  
D798376 Reading glasses  
D798364 Projector  
D798365 Portable mount for a monitoring camera  
D798372 Novelty spectacles  
D798413 9MAG 22 LR HV RIM fire reticle  
D798366 Wall-assisted floor-mount for a monitoring camera  
D798368 Camera fixture mount  
D798367 Camera fixture mount  
D798411 12MAG .22 L.R subsonic rim fire reticle  
D798373 Sunglasses  
D798370 Camera fixture mount  
D797830 Contact lens  
D797835 Digital camera  
D797832 Vertical support member of a microscope stand  
D797833 Lens  
D797834 Lens barrel  
D797838 Camera  
D797837 Digital camera  
D797831 Microscope  
D797836 Portable camera  
D797181 Head-mounted display device  
D797179 Tripod head  
D797182 Eyeglass  
D797175 Optic holder  
D797183 Eyeglass temple pads  
D797177 Electronic view finder  
D797176 Surveillance camera  
D797178 Camera support device  
D797174 Eyeglass temple bending device  
D797180 Eyeglass  
D796567 Enclosure for a camera  
D796569 Digital camera device