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D864256 Robotic mower wheels  
D864352 Dual port rotary valve  
D864262 Three-dimensional (3d) printing system and associated pen  
D864265 Dust catcher  
D864271 Robot  
D864264 Fluid body of a dispense valve  
D864263 Loader machine  
D864258 Ground engaging element for agricultural tillage apparatus  
D864252 Metering pump  
D864260 Cooler insert  
D864270 Robot  
D864261 Ice cube tray  
D864253 Compressor  
D864269 Lubricant stick  
D864259 Grill  
D864268 Linear actuator  
D864266 Heat module for a heat press  
D864255 Automatic gas pump  
D864257 Lawn mower handle  
D864351 Air pump  
D864254 Inflator  
D864267 Heating module for a heat press  
D863384 Spade drill bit  
D863360 Engine oil line adapter block  
D863389 Portable dot peen marking machine  
D863381 Scroll member of scroll fluid machine  
D863369 Tank  
D863363 Handle for pump  
D863377 Single refrigeration unit cabinet  
D863383 Fluid drilling head  
D863368 Plow blade damping member  
D863380 3D blood vessel bio-printer  
D863376 Bobbin  
D863385 Throwaway tip for cutting tool  
D863365 A-style orchard float  
D863362 Intake manifold  
D862979 Tall base for fuel pump beverage dispenser  
D863379 Control panel for an appliance  
D863370 Tank  
D863220 Ignitor for automobile engine  
D863382 Cutting tool  
D863388 Robot airbag  
D863372 Mower cab  
D863378 Double refrigeration unit cabinet  
D863371 Tank  
D863373 Door  
D863361 Engine top cover  
D863387 Robot  
D863364 Wheel for vehicles, in particular a wheel for riding mowers  
D863375 Mower cab