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D789995 Refrigerator  
D789994 Tamper tool  
D789996 Refrigerator  
D789998 Sewage line blow-out device  
D789997 Stroke limiter for a log splitter  
D789992 Internal combustion engine cylinder head  
D789993 Mower  
D789430 Throw-away tip for metal cutting tool  
D789426 Bonnet for a backhoe loader  
D789432 Rotary actuator  
D789423 Mower  
D789424 Road roller  
D789422 Central ring portion of a positive displacement pump  
D789428 Hole saw  
D789425 Control panel  
D789429 Tip for cutting tool  
D789141 Frozen beverage dispenser  
D789431 Vacuum sealer  
D789427 Sensor housing of an agricultural work vehicle  
D788823 Engine for brush cutter  
D788828 Refrigerator  
D788826 Sidebar protector  
D788829 Ice pack  
D788825 Frame for air compressor  
D788824 Valve cover  
D788827 Front guard for a working vehicle  
D788187 Refrigerator  
D788196 Multi-axis machine  
D788194 Refrigerator  
D788199 Vacuum sealer  
D788198 Cutting tool  
D788176 Supercharger housing  
D788181 Wheel loader excavator bucket with bottom mounted ripping teeth  
D788185 Indoor herb cultivator  
D788172 Clutch retainer  
D788183 Cover panel of an agricultural work vehicle  
D788175 Front cover for vehicle snorkel  
D788197 Cyclonic strainer with helical brush combination  
D788191 Shelf for refrigerator  
D788186 Cooler with detachable legs  
D788184 Front loader for a working vehicle  
D788188 Refrigerator  
D788174 Supercharger housing  
D788266 Ejector valve  
D788177 Belt cover  
D788173 Intake manifold  
D788189 Refrigerating machine  
D788179 Axial ridged housing portion of a positive displacement pump assembly  
D788178 Front cover portion of a positive displacement pump assembly  
D788182 Heel shroud