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D785053 Front grill of a hood for an agricultural tractor  
D785056 Can dispenser for refrigerator  
D785063 Linear actuator  
D785050 Tractor  
D785052 Roof for a backhoe loader  
D785049 Riding lawn mower  
D785055 Refrigerator  
D785057 Bake plate  
D785061 Linear actuator  
D785058 Spin coater  
D785062 Linear actuator  
D785054 Riding lawn mower  
D785048 Lawn mower  
D785047 Pivot plunger  
D785060 Pottery holder  
D785064 Actuator control unit  
D785059 Pottery holder  
D785051 Tractor  
D784423 Track assembly  
D784418 Wood chipper  
D784422 Tractor  
D784427 Tandem ice cream maker  
D784417 Filler  
D784420 Lawn mower  
D784425 Cab  
D784419 Snow pusher  
D784415 Rotary drum pump  
D784426 Engine hood for a working vehicle  
D784432 Plasma torch electrode  
D784416 Rotary drum pump  
D784428 Refrigerator  
D784424 Adapter for a ground engaging machine implement  
D784430 Industrial robot module  
D784431 Motor  
D784414 Portable pump assembly  
D784421 Plenum for a pneumatic distribution system  
D784413 Blower housing  
D784429 Condenser for refrigerator  
D783688 Wine refrigerator  
D783693 Three-dimensional printer  
D783689 Refrigerator  
D783691 Refrigerator door  
D783684 Externally mounted plenum for limited slip differential  
D783695 End effector for a robot arm  
D783694 Measuring instruments for machine tools  
D783686 Cab molding with a display and controls  
D783685 Snow pusher  
D783687 Sewing machine  
D783690 Refrigerator  
D783692 Spin coater/developer