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D779569 Door bin  
D779572 Spur handle bursting head  
D779568 Refrigerating apparatus  
D779564 Jaw tip pair  
D779561 Hydraulic control unit  
RE46313 Welding cart  
D779567 Refrigerating apparatus  
D779566 Plowing tine replacement section  
D779570 Crusher  
D779391 Motor for wheelchair  
D779565 Grapple jaws  
D779560 Hydraulic control unit  
D779571 Footwear last extension  
D779562 Carburetor booster  
D779390 Motor for wheelchair  
D779563 Brake pedals  
D779559 Intake manifold  
D778967 Step shank tooth holder  
D778969 Cold laminator  
D778964 Bonnet for agricultural tractor  
D779146 Transfer robot  
D778970 Collection funnel  
D778965 Door for refrigerator  
D778968 Linear actuator  
D778972 Gripper for automated ruckers, reruckers, deruckers and/or skin brakes  
D778958 Impeller for superchargers  
D778962 Power shovel  
D778959 Accessories for inflation and repair of tires  
D778963 Hood cover for agricultural tractor  
D778961 Control arm pad  
D778960 Lawn-mower blade  
D778971 Robot arm  
D778957 Ignition coil  
D778966 Skiving device  
D778330 Double-sided tangential cutting insert  
D778324 Housing  
D778329 Handling and/or processing station  
D778321 Rear support for an oil pan  
D778327 Plow  
D778322 Supercharger roller shuttle  
D778326 Plow  
D778323 Pump  
D778325 Housing  
D778328 Post pulling device  
D778331 Wire feeding apparatus for welding  
D777805 Cab for mining machine  
D777809 3D printer  
D777791 Engine for boat  
D777797 Mower housing  
D777793 Support bracket