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D810795 Refrigerator  
D810786 Particle separator for motor vehicle engine intake  
D810792 Refrigerator cabinet  
D810801 Extending shaft of industrial robot  
D810798 Rotary actuator  
D810799 Automatic guided vehicle  
D810788 Pump impeller  
D810785 Concentric shoveled manifold  
D810791 Slat for an agricultural combine  
D810793 Refrigerator cabinet  
D810797 Film dispenser for use with coreless film roll  
D810493 Cooktop cover  
D810800 Service robot  
D810796 Linear actuator accessory  
D810526 Lawn trimmer wheel attachment frame  
D810790 Liquid feeder equipment  
D810789 Pump impeller  
D810787 Impeller  
D810705 Self-centering wafer carrier for chemical vapor deposition  
D810794 Refrigerator  
D810784 Electric motor  
D810154 Door for refrigerator  
D810164 Linear actuator  
D810142 EFI throttle body  
D809982 Steering wheel for working machine  
D810145 Pump  
D810141 Air box for a motor vehicle  
D810155 Machine tool display panel  
D809994 Square tube  
D810138 Transom saver  
D810152 Latch handle for freezer  
D810148 Roll cage  
D810162 Support plate anchor tab  
D810161 Portable weld controller  
D810144 Engine valley cover  
D810146 Fuel dispenser with touch screen  
D810157 Chute  
D810163 Packaging machine  
D809882 Spreader  
D810167 Service robot  
D810139 Throttle body adapter  
D810140 Concentric shoveled manifold  
D810166 Household robot  
D810149 Slat for an agricultural combine  
D810159 Tip for cutting tool  
D810153 Ice mold  
D810151 Refrigerator  
D810158 Drilling and tapping cutter  
D810150 Reversible point  
D810156 3D printer