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D838759 Combination robot clock and device holder  
D838756 Biochar kiln  
D838752 Track belt for irrigation systems  
D838750 Submersible pump  
D838745 Snorkel  
D838747 Inflator pump  
D838749 Inflator pump  
D838751 Compressor  
D838746 Tire inflator  
D838755 Cutting insert  
D838754 Hole-drilling tool  
D838748 Inflator pump  
D838753 Miter saw  
D838758 Household robot  
D838757 Cap with flexible tubing  
D838299 Refrigerator  
D838296 Sowing device  
D838298 Refrigerator  
D838294 Air compression apparatus  
D838300 Cutting insert  
D838297 Refrigerator  
D838302 Vibration element for a haptic actuator  
D838301 Handle for a welding torch  
D838293 Tank pump  
D838295 Agricultural sprayer  
D838292 Engine intake manifold  
D837850 Packaging machine  
D837843 Fluid applicator  
D837840 Refrigerator  
D837838 Sewing machine  
D837849 Packaging machine  
D837851 RPM sensor for an automated clutch system  
D837842 Abrasive belt of deburring-machine  
D837835 Rinse tank for agricultural sprayer  
D837844 Air lock access door  
D837841 Refrigerator  
D837837 Hood for tractor  
D837854 Pet robot  
D837847 Groove cutting tool  
D837834 Wear part for earth working equipment  
D837855 Mobile service robot  
D837839 Stitching module  
D837832 Housing  
D837853 Robotic arm  
D837831 Slider  
D837833 Casing  
D837852 Automatically guided vehicle for order picking  
D837720 Fuel tank for agricultural sprayer  
D837846 Throw away tip for cutting tool  
D837836 Product tank for self-propelled agricultural sprayer