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D833499 Industrial robot  
D833385 Power station  
D833496 Industrial robot upper arm  
D833491 Heat sealing apparatus  
D833386 Jump starter  
D833495 Reduction gear  
D833498 Social robot  
D833483 Housing  
D833497 End effector for a robot  
D833494 Gearbox  
D833490 Drill bit  
D833486 Lawn mower powerhead  
D833488 Brick maker  
D833482 Rocker arm  
D833493 Stretch strapping device  
D833484 Rotary pump  
D833492 Film dispenser for use with coreless film roll  
D833487 Set of components for a reel winding machine  
D833481 Engine  
D833485 Powerhead  
D833489 Ingot mold  
D832890 Fluid pump apparatus  
D832894 Skid steer loader  
D832897 Press frame with integrated hydraulic ram and return springs  
D832895 Loader unit  
D832903 Packaging machine  
D832896 Loader bucket forks  
D832891 Air compressor  
D832904 Gear-synchronizing type dual hollow shaft hinge  
D832898 Material removal/polishing tool  
D832900 Bearing frame  
D832892 Compressor  
D832901 Soldering station  
D832889 Vehicular inflator pump  
D832888 Rotary pump  
D832899 Braking film dispenser with lobes  
D832902 Gas combustor  
D832893 Fitting for tire inflation and tire repair  
D832310 Adapter for a ground engaging machine implement  
D832314 Fluid applicator  
D832327 Robot  
D832322 Soldering iron holder  
D832308 Track link  
D832318 Drill bit tip  
D832313 Three dimensional printing material container  
D832326 Household robot  
D832317 Cutting tool  
D832319 Cutting insert with four-lobed seating area  
D832551 Loader  
D832328 Robotic device