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RE47040 Black wine rack face  
D828857 Probe mounting adapter  
D828752 Adapter for connecting a funnel to filling port of a vehicle crankcase  
D828859 Cutting tool  
D828751 Adapter for connecting a funnel to filling port of a vehicle crankcase  
D828858 Sewing machine  
D828860 Hand-held device  
D828406 Loader  
D828419 Idler roller  
D828416 Drill bit tip  
D828404 Inflator  
D828410 Shelf for refrigerator  
D828408 Portable refrigerator  
D828415 Drill bit tip  
D828409 Drawer for refrigerator  
D828405 Hydrogen dispenser  
D828401 Well pump  
D828422 Hydrocyclone inlet head  
D828400 Pump impeller  
D828423 Linear actuator accessory  
D828397 Direct fixation fastener  
D828279 Acoustic remote controlled intelligent underwater robot  
D828398 Fuel cell metering valve  
D828407 Sewing machine  
D828402 Compressor  
D828414 Cutting insert  
D828411 Drawer for refrigerator  
D828421 Vertical seam welder component  
D828420 Center sleeve pusher  
D828412 Press frame with integrated hydraulic ram and return springs  
D828399 Throttle body coupler  
D828417 Chainsaw clearing tooth  
D828418 Carpentry featherboard  
D828238 Driveshaft carrier flange  
D828413 Fluid applicator  
D828424 Watch winder  
D828234 Drive cover  
D828403 Compressor  
D827676 Autonomous dumper  
D827673 Dual pump  
D827674 Pump casing component  
D827678 Crawler for vehicles  
D827687 Electric welding machine  
D827685 Truncated dome cup  
D827689 Orbital gear replacement insert  
D827684 Multiple spinner carousel for dressing a grinding wheel  
D827679 Crawler for vehicles  
D827688 Electric welding machine  
D827686 Connector  
D827680 Crawler for vehicles