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D795311 Bin  
D795316 Bud trimmer  
D795298 Engine blower housing and air cleaner cover  
D795304 Road paving machine  
D795301 Lawnmower blade  
D795317 Dust collector port  
D795319 Spray booth  
D795312 Refrigerator dispenser  
D795306 Off-highway work vehicle  
D795321 Entertainment robot  
D795318 Cutting inserts  
D795305 Road paving machine  
D795308 Boom lift cover  
D795313 Ice pack  
D795307 Limb and branch trimming apparatus  
D795320 Entertainment robot  
D795315 Dresser disk  
D795302 Road paving machine  
D795309 Boom lift cover  
D795299 Blade  
D795297 Transmission  
D794687 Mixer  
D794692 Robot  
D794684 Wine refrigerator  
D794682 Air intake manifold  
D794681 Air intake manifold  
D794685 Refrigerator  
D794691 Drilling tool  
D794689 Mixer  
D794688 Mixer  
D794683 Yarn feeder  
D794690 Sprocket with double mud relief  
D794686 Tray for refrigerator  
D794103 Cutting insert  
D794097 Mixer  
D794080 Motorcycle ignition coil heat sink  
D794095 Control panel for coating machine  
D794088 Front fender for a backhoe loader  
D794093 Ice machine handle for refrigerator  
D794084 Particulate metering air chamber  
D794078 Tiller grip  
D794096 Mixer  
D794091 Air-return grill for a refrigeration system  
D794094 Control panel for coating machine  
D794082 Filter element  
D794104 Connector for agricultural machines  
D794086 Self-propelled agricultural machine  
D794092 Refrigerator  
D794102 Cutting insert  
D794083 Cultivator frame