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D819088 V-shaped drum mounting  
D819096 Mold release discharge nozzle for tight-flask molding machine  
D819103 Autonomous driver assistance device  
D819098 Chisel  
D819089 Part of construction machine  
D819085 Transmission pump  
D819102 Robot hand  
D819092 Refrigerator interior with color  
D819144 Robotic toy  
D819101 Electric rotary actuator  
D819097 Coulter shank and offset casting  
D819091 Refrigerated equipment stand  
D819090 Part of construction machine  
D819100 Linear actuator  
D819095 Flask-less molding machine  
D819099 Impeller for an agitator or mixer  
D819093 Liquid chilling capsule  
D818508 Roller bearing  
D818511 Industrial robot  
D818510 Sluice  
D818505 Refrigerator interior with color  
D818509 Nozzle for soldering iron  
D818507 Replaceable tip for a rotatable cutting tool  
D818502 Turbocharger transition section  
D818335 Hand guard for power tools  
D818504 Centrifugal pump unit  
D818501 Outboard motor for a vessel  
D818506 Hood for drum sander  
D818503 Set of engine valve covers  
D818019 Robot arm  
D818008 Operator station floor mat  
D818017 Multi-stroke swing lever  
D818014 Extruded structural building component for robotics  
D818015 Wheel  
D818010 Refrigerator  
D818009 Bobbin  
D818004 Portable vacuum pump  
D818012 Refrigerator  
D818011 Refrigerator  
D817743 Removable shim  
D818018 Vise for use with a welding table  
D818016 Cutting insert  
D818013 Portable sawmill lower carriage  
D818006 Line striper  
D818005 Pump  
D818007 Industrial tool insert  
D818020 Robot head  
D817364 Motor-driven pump  
D817365 Sewing machine  
D817139 Saw blade