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D801395 Haggis link  
D801401 Printing machine  
D801400 Creel roller guide  
D801402 Bit breaker top and bottom  
D801398 Stuffing machine  
D800800 Ice storage container for refrigerator  
D800793 Single drum roller  
D800795 Rubber-tired road roller  
D800783 Engine rocker box  
D800785 Engine bracket  
D800784 Engine air cleaner  
D800788 Tire inflator  
D800811 Linear guideway  
D800812 Linear guideway  
D800813 Industrial robot  
D800802 Refrigerating machine  
D800797 Recycler  
D800803 Table saw  
D800799 Refrigerator  
D800883 Air cleaner  
D800808 Stirrer  
D800782 Drive plate  
D800792 Rear part of single drum roller  
D800790 Paint spray pump housing  
D800781 Engine primary cover  
D800786 Hydraulic control unit  
D800809 Linear guideway  
D800789 Pump  
D800798 Plowing tine tip  
D800801 Ice storage container for refrigerator  
D800794 Rubber-tired road roller  
D800804 Power saw dust collector  
D800796 Recycler  
D800807 Stirrer  
D800791 Liquid pump  
D800810 Linear guideway  
D800805 Tamping tool  
D800806 Tamping tool  
D800787 Air pump  
D800847 Animation puppet chest and arms  
D800191 Linear guideway with a drive  
D800232 Animation puppet pelvis  
D800185 Refrigerator drawer  
D800188 Throw-away tip for metal cutting tool  
D800196 Transmission  
D800179 Mower unit  
D800177 Air compressor  
D800173 Vessel propulsion unit  
D800193 Hydraulic cylinder with base tab  
D800181 Lawnmower front axle