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D826671 Track for use with a guided circular saw  
D826997 Refrigerator  
D827004 Gearbox  
D826278 Screen display for a propulsion control system for ship  
D826299 Drill corer  
D826288 Refrigerating apparatus  
D826300 Rotably mounted thermal plasma burner for thermalspraying  
D826294 Refrigerator handle  
D826303 Robot  
D826302 Delivery robot  
D826295 Refrigerator  
D826291 Refrigerator  
D826285 Fluid pressure cylinder  
D826277 Motor housing  
D826287 Electronics case  
D826292 Refrigerator  
D826296 Printer for printing three-dimensional objects  
D826298 Belt sander  
D826281 Fluid pump with head and cartridge  
D826280 Electronically controlled fuel injection throttle body  
D826286 Air compression apparatus  
D826283 Fluid pump head with a removable cartridge  
D826297 Manual heat press machine  
D826289 Refrigerating apparatus  
D826290 Refrigerator  
D826282 Fluid pump head  
D826279 Engine cover  
D826293 Refrigerator  
D826284 Cartridge for use with a fluid pump  
D826301 Material handling apparatus  
D825619 Refrigerator  
D825714 Agricultural tank  
D825617 Tractor for construction vehicle  
D825632 Robotic arm  
D825306 Tool attachment interface  
D825631 Gear  
D825618 Agricultural baler  
D825628 Resin injector  
D825630 Optical fiber fusion splicer  
D825627 Can holder for a can manufacturing apparatus  
D825616 Fluid pressure cylinder  
D825614 Grease cover  
D825623 Refrigerator  
D825629 Electrical contact  
D825624 Refrigerator  
D825615 Pressure washer pump head  
D825621 Refrigerator  
D825626 Can manufacturing apparatus  
D825625 Refrigerator  
D825622 Refrigerator