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D797170 Cutting tool with W-shaped flute gully  
D797157 Wear assembly lock structure  
D797156 Head for a pump  
D797161 Rear engine cover  
D797155 Pulse damper  
D797172 Ceramic bonding tool with textured tip  
D797164 Divider for drawer of refrigerator  
D796922 Powered hand-held spreader  
D796561 Mitre saw fence scale  
D796554 Passive centripetal air/oil separator  
D796563 Cutting tool with W-shaped flute gully  
D796558 Agricultural baler  
D796292 Microtrenching blade and tooth  
D796562 Plasma outlet liner  
D796556 Sensor module for a road paver  
D796555 Robotic mower  
D796557 Single drum roller  
D796559 Agricultural blade  
D796564 Wire feeder cable connector  
D796553 Drive unit  
D796291 Microtrenching blade and tooth  
D796560 Refrigerator door shelf  
D796552 Drive unit  
D795936 Robot  
D795934 Gearbox  
D795933 Measuring instrument for machine tools  
D795929 Land clearing tool assembly with a depth control ring and a drum interface  
D795935 Linear actuator accessory control box  
D795931 Land clearing tool interface  
D795932 Tooth  
D795930 Agricultural tank  
D795296 Transmission  
D795300 Blade  
D795314 Plastic processing machine  
D795303 Road paving machine  
D795310 Loom  
D795311 Bin  
D795316 Bud trimmer  
D795298 Engine blower housing and air cleaner cover  
D795304 Road paving machine  
D795301 Lawnmower blade  
D795317 Dust collector port  
D795319 Spray booth  
D795312 Refrigerator dispenser  
D795306 Off-highway work vehicle  
D795321 Entertainment robot  
D795318 Cutting inserts  
D795305 Road paving machine  
D795308 Boom lift cover  
D795313 Ice pack