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D822740 Robot  
D822724 Device for metal deposition  
D822719 Diaphragm pump  
D822718 Vacuum pump  
D822723 Refrigerator drawer  
D822721 Container  
D822739 Delivery robot  
D822730 Mixing structure  
D822722 Refrigerator  
D822733 Condensate neutralizer device  
D822734 Screening media  
D822372 Needle installation and extraction device  
D822726 Mitre saw  
D822736 Delivery robot  
D822737 Delivery robot  
D822770 Emotive robotic creature  
D822731 Cutting insert  
D822732 Condensate neutralizer device  
D822729 Two component power take-off coupling system  
D822738 Delivery robot  
D822728 Two component power take-off coupling system  
D822735 Positionable end effector link  
D822720 Diaphragm pump  
D822084 Machine for sorting or classifying particulate product  
D822080 Cutting insert  
D822083 Training robot cell  
D822068 Blade  
D822077 Cutting insert  
D822085 Electric drive unit  
D822070 Front fenders of an agricultural work vehicle  
D822086 Reduction gear  
D822073 Refrigerator  
D822072 Diesel fuel guard  
D822074 Refrigerator door  
D822071 Equipment console  
D822066 Outboard motor for a vessel  
D822067 Diaphragm pump  
D822069 Rear fenders of an agricultural work vehicle  
D822075 Tight-flask molding machine  
D822082 Separator for a ball bearing  
D822081 Rotary tool for boat of semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D822076 Drill  
D822087 No-coat hand roller  
D822079 Cutting insert  
D822078 Cutting insert  
D821468 Ceramic bonding tool with textured tip  
D821457 Refrigerator  
D821471 Electric cylinder  
D821453 Rubber crawler  
D821455 Land clearing tool interface