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D800197 Transmission  
D800182 Mounting hitch with carrier arm  
D800229 Animation puppet  
D800184 Beverage cooler  
D800183 Control grip  
D800190 Linear guideway  
D800194 Sprocket with mud relief  
D800175 Reversible engine mount  
D800195 Linear actuator  
D800230 Animation puppet foot  
D800231 Animation puppet chest  
D800176 Battery powered water pump  
D799552 Engine cam cover  
D799575 Robot  
D799558 Road roller  
D799557 Road roller  
D799566 Cooler  
D799572 Throw-away tip for metal cutting tool  
D799560 Attachable tractor wheel traction device  
D799553 Engine intake manifold  
D799555 Robotic mower housing  
D799562 Bonnet for a tractor  
D799565 Cooler  
D799567 Three dimensional printer powder carriage trolley  
D799573 Tip for metal cutting tool  
D799554 Snowplow blade shoes  
D799574 Milling tool  
D799571 Counterdie band for rotating machines  
D799569 Three dimensional printer  
D799570 Machining center  
D799563 Rear portion of a work vehicle  
D799561 Boom for a work vehicle  
D799564 Bonnet for tractor  
D799559 Road roller  
D799657 Filter  
D799556 Side pod for turf vehicle  
D799568 Three dimensional printer supply unpacking, cooling and refilling unit  
D798922 Cutting head for rotary drill  
D798908 Oil cooler plate  
D798920 Cutting tool assembly  
D798925 Linear guideway  
D798909 Gas turbine blower/pump  
D798923 Mixing apparatus  
D798911 Handheld vacuum pumping device  
D798914 Refrigerator  
D798919 Pipe splitting tool and base  
D798910 Float switch housing  
D798912 Track for a loader  
D798918 Shield for puncturing device  
D798913 Combined mulching tooth and depth limiter