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D814536 Drill  
D814531 Sensor housing of an agricultural work vehicle  
D814523 Engine plenum chamber  
D814526 Main body of gas filling apparatus  
D814533 Refrigerator  
D814524 Tire repair kit  
D814525 Air compressor  
D814535 Collapsible miter saw  
D814540 Satellite equipment for robot  
D814530 Cab  
D814537 Two-way milling cutter  
D814541 Robot  
D814521 Engine  
D814529 Body part for vehicle  
D814528 Vehicle body portion  
D814539 Drive support dolly for a hand held hot air device  
D814522 Transition section for a turbocharged engine  
D814534 Latch handle for freezer  
D814527 Loader arm for a construction machine  
D814532 Sewing machine  
D814542 Robot  
D814538 Welding apparatus  
D813916 Operation panel for a working machine  
D813918 Three dimensional (3D) delta printer  
D813910 Valve cover  
D813911 Pump  
D813627 Gas torch  
D813635 Circular saw blade  
D813913 Gas filling apparatus  
D813912 Reciprocating gas compressor valve  
D813914 Agricultural machine  
D813919 Dust collector  
D813628 Gas soldering iron  
D813917 Counterweight  
D813915 Agricultural machine  
D813280 Welding wire conveyor  
D813281 Robot  
D813276 Bicycle pump  
D813279 Drive support dolly for a hand held hot air device  
D813285 Intelligent robot for commercial service  
D813277 Molding sand tank part (or component) for tight-flask molding machine  
D813274 Engine air cleaner housing  
D813156 Battery charger  
D813284 Intelligent robot for household service  
D813453 Die for manufacturing skin care patch  
D813275 Pump  
D813278 Electrode  
D813283 Robot hand  
D813282 Robot egg  
D812650 Refrigerator