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D794690 Sprocket with double mud relief  
D794686 Tray for refrigerator  
D794103 Cutting insert  
D794097 Mixer  
D794080 Motorcycle ignition coil heat sink  
D794095 Control panel for coating machine  
D794088 Front fender for a backhoe loader  
D794093 Ice machine handle for refrigerator  
D794084 Particulate metering air chamber  
D794078 Tiller grip  
D794096 Mixer  
D794091 Air-return grill for a refrigeration system  
D794094 Control panel for coating machine  
D794082 Filter element  
D794104 Connector for agricultural machines  
D794086 Self-propelled agricultural machine  
D794092 Refrigerator  
D794102 Cutting insert  
D794083 Cultivator frame  
D794098 Mixer  
D794089 Wheel  
D794085 Smart ignition system starter panel  
D794090 Portable refrigerator  
D794081 Motorcycle ignition coil heat sink  
D794079 Tiller having haptic throttle position indication  
D794100 Aftertreatment system housing  
D794099 Laser machine  
D794087 Track roller system  
D794101 Cutting insert  
D794077 Internal combustion engine  
D793457 Electric appliance for food fermentation  
D793145 Beverage container dispenser robot  
D793460 Cutting tool with w-shaped flute gully  
D793458 Ice machine for refrigerator  
D793455 Rear guard for turf vehicle  
D793452 Compressor inlet for turbocharger  
D793456 Dust collection drill and vacuum attachment  
D793454 Pump cover  
D793453 Filter element  
D793459 Chip cover for tip dresser  
D792911 Impeller  
D792917 Robot  
D792916 Rotary actuator  
D792914 Door for refrigerator  
D792915 Agitator ball for mixing  
D792913 Adjustable angle plow  
D792912 Dual compressor nozzle  
D792493 Electrode bar for use in an optical fiber fusion splicer  
D792475 Dual compressor nozzle  
D792473 Cordless air compressor