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D805560 Fluid pressure cylinder  
D805558 Pump  
D805430 Dump truck body  
D805567 Grip for desoldering tool  
D805559 Fluid pressure cylinder  
D805564 Cutting insert  
D805565 Grooving insert  
D805568 Mobile platform for a robot arm  
D805563 Crusher  
D804945 Adapter for connecting a funnel to filling port of a vehicle crankcase  
D805114 Traveling rotary valve  
D805112 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D805110 Handle assembly  
D805108 Vacuum pump  
D805106 Pre-cleaner insert for vehicle snorkel  
D805109 Handheld air compressor  
D805107 Engine fan shroud  
D805113 Work vehicle cabin  
D805116 Cutting insert  
D804975 Refrigerant maintenance system  
D804926 Dowel hole guide  
D805115 Fluid applicator with flow diverter  
D805111 Lawn mower  
D804554 Welding fixture  
D804436 Upper chamber for a plasma processing apparatus  
D804544 Silicone ice cube tray  
D804547 Silicone ice cube tray  
D804586 Robot toy  
D804551 Saw tooth  
D804549 Front side of an abrasive paper  
D804548 Sandblast machine  
D804538 Rail guide  
D804537 Rotary drum pump  
D804555 Welding electrode holder  
D804545 Silicone ice cube tray  
D804546 Silicone ice cube tray  
D804542 Ice shaping device  
D804536 Electric pump  
D804550 Pulverizer arm  
D804553 Electric cylinder  
D804556 Heat reflector for substrate processing apparatus  
D804541 Ice shaping device  
D804341 Metering pump  
D804539 Hood and grill assembly for an agricultural tractor  
D804543 Freezer pack  
D804540 Sewing machine  
D804552 Cutting insert  
D803904 Mold  
D803909 Flask-less molding machine  
D803898 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement